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Week 5 run 1 complete .. should have taken day off

I was too eager to make start on week 5 having repeated week 4 once and feeling good about the progress I had made.

I felt like I was coming down with a cold .. a bit feverish and funny throat etc. but I decided to go out anyway.

First two 5 minutes went pretty well actually but then as I was taking my second walking break I started to feel fever aches all over my body and lethargy started to kick in .. I still managed to complete the last 5 minutes and kept the pace from the previous two segments; so it wasn't terrible.

By the time I got home I could barely walk though, was feeling so weak, nauseous and feverish. As I stretched I felt really lightheaded so I raised my legs up to force the blood into my torso which helped.

Needless to say I felt miserable and didn't get a good night sleep either.

Been following c25k for almost 6 weeks now and it's the first time I didn't enjoy the run.

Anyway, lesson learnt, don't go running with a cold.

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Oh no! Any chance of a day in bed, fuelled by Lemsips? Hope you feel better soon.

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I wish :) .. back to work today with a bottle of lemon juice and some ginger tea.

I actually feel proud to have pushed myself and completed the run yesterday but I'm definitely not going to do this again lol.

Thanks for the wishes!

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I usually get really bad head colds. I sometimes think I should have shares in kleenex coz I get through so many when I get a cold. In prior years I would have gone nowhere near exercise while having a cold. But this year although I have had a cold since the 27th Dec I have done 3 5k runs and am doing a park run tomorrow. It's amazing what you can do when you really want to run :) I should stress that I have followed the advice of others in that it's ok to run if the cold is above the neck, which mine nearly always are.

You'll be back at it soon I bet :)

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You are very lucky indeed sir!

Think all our bodies are different and I'm quite new to running so maybe my body isn't strong enough yet.

It's feverish body aches that really annoyed me yesterday, the whole body just aching with a terrible headache .. but hey ho, rest for a couple of days and I'll be back!


Sorry, I didn't mean that as a criticism or as blowing my own trumpet. You are absolutely right to not run if you are feverish. I wouldn't either. The other thing is at this stage you don't want to put yourself off with a horrid experience. Get better and get back to it :)


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