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Tours of Abel and Earning Bling

Tours of Abel and Earning Bling

Mam arrived, we were both eager to earn our bling and, with our respective episodes of Zombies, Run! playing we headed off...I got halfway through the run before I realised my in-game map settings were for miles not K's, but I'm pretty certain I've done my 5K and earned my Bling. I went for a few extra steps just to make sure my Miles correctly translated into K's and promptly went in to change my settings when I got back home. My only niggle about Zombies,Run, I can't go back to the homepage unless I stop the mission I'm on, which I suppose makes Real-Time sense but was still mildly annoying

Well, I've submitted the above picture for approval at Virtual Runner, and, pending approval, no one can deny I went for my run today

Zombies, Run!-wise....starting to think my original base likes to send in sabouters to other settlements. I won't spoil the story for anyone starting this app, just musing on something Runner 7 (aka Evan) told me about what happened another settlement near Abel Township a small while before I arrived.

Also, I'm absolutely in love with Abel Radio's hosts. I could listen to the Jack and Eugene show all day.

Stay safe. Stay unbitten

Mrs Psycho out xx

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