1st Year Runniversary and new Bling

1st Year Runniversary and new Bling

Is it really a year ago today I nervously stepped out of the door and did W1R1?

Time is curiously elastic. It seems like only yesterday I was gasping along wondering if I was ever going to beable to run 3 joined up minutes. On that first week out I had to pause the podcast after the third 60 second run and stand hands on knees while the world swirled round me and I gasped for breath. I remember walking up and down past Running Bath before getting up the nerve to go in to get my first pair of running shoes, because i felt such a fraud and was sure they would tag me for the lifelong non-runner I was until then.

And yet, can it be only a year ago? despite weeks at a time on the Injury or Sick couch I take it entirely for granted now that I can go out and run 5, 10, 15k. I've done a good couple of dozen races at all distances up to Half Marathon, many of which gruelling cross country, mud runs and obstacle races. I haven't done a full marathon yet, but have one later in the year and, whilst I'm not blase about it, am not phased by it either - I know if I train properly and put in the miles I'll be able to do the distance (and even though I probably will end up not end up training properly, injure myself a few weeks beforehand and panic prepare when I should be tapering, I'll still manage to get round somehow).

I'm still not fast, and probably never will be, because I lack the discipline to train properly for speed or the ambition to push myself for it, but I'm pleased when my times improve, and more importantly, I have a lot of fun.

I originally started with C25k simply to get mysefl fitter after a health scare, but it turned out to be the gateway drug to discovering a great enjoyment of all sorts of sport and fitness activities. Having got myself a good deal fitter than I was, I am now working on new challenges - increasing my flexibility, functional strength, stamina etc. I remember making excuses to myself while procrastinating about starting C25k about how difficult it would be to find 30 minutes three times a week to run. Now I do an hour's workout every morning, do Spin, Yoga, Kenpo, Crossfit, run half an hour to an hour 5 days a week and have more time on my hands and energy than I ever did before. I have lost more than two stone, reduced my Resting Heart rate by 15 and halved my body fat. Without any pushing from me, my wife and edler son have started C25k and are both experiencing the same surprise and self confidence I did as they progress through it. My only regret is that I didn't start doing it years ago.

So, thanks Laura, and thanks all of the wonderful people here who have been so supportive on the first year of my journey. Am looking forward greatly to what year two holds.

Oh and here is my latest piece of Bling (and another tablecloth for those of you who follow my tablecloth collection), which arrived this morning, in a piece of great synchronicity (well actually in a padded envelope), for the Night-time virtual OCR I did last week.


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30 Replies

  • What a wonderful and inspiring post. I welled up a bit reading this. This needs to be published in leaflets and put in every doctors surgery waiting room in the country to advertise C25k, and how it really can change and improve your life beyond measure. Well done on your huge achievements x

  • Nice tablecloth Rig :-D

    Blimey ! I thought you had been running years and years didn't realise it was just one year, you have done so well and come so far in that space of time .

    Heres to your second year and all that it brings , and its great that Mrs Rignold and junior have started too .

    All the best to you and I look forward to hearing about your further running adventures.

    Tasty bling too xxx

  • Great post Rignold, happy Runny Versarry :)

  • Great post Rig. Amazing progress in just a year.

    Obviously there are not likely to be many of us who are even remotely as deranged (I mean that in the nicest possible way) as you are but it nonetheless shows what is possible if you are prepared to push/challenge yourself.

    Nice tablecloth btw ;)

  • Ha ha :-D xxx

  • What a fantastic post this is! It is amazing to see what can be achieved. Hope your year 2 is as fantastic as the first!

  • Congratulations Riggers - brilliant and inspiring post and tablecloth and great to see the way in which this has changed your life (running not the table cloth!). You're not a person who does things by halves - well done :)

  • Congratulations, many happy returns!

    Thank you for all your inspiring posts :-)

  • You've come so far, it's amazing Rignold. You're a great example of what a bit of self discipline and a lot of motivation can achieve in a short year. Well done, and happy anniversary!

  • Great stuff... you are an inspiration to us all :-)

  • Wow! I had you down as a long time runner, you've achieved so much in one year. It gives me such a lot of motivation to push on...knowing what your week one was like to what you do now, gob-smacked! Happy runny versary hope you get to celebrate :)

  • Great stuff! Many congrats on the Runniversary and the medalry!

    Great that you can now run your legs off and haul your ass round assault courses any time, any place, anywhere. Yeah baby!

    Man you're a veritable running machine!

    I think our bodies are capable of so much more than we ever think. It's good we here are realising our potential

    Long live C25kers!

  • Wow, that's brilliant. What a transformation and what a lot you have done in such a short space of time. Well done on all of the above! Reading that makes me even more determined to make all of these changes stick and keep going!

  • I too was under the impression that you have been running years, absolutely incredible achievements in such a short space of time, congratulations and happy anniversary! Many more to come too!

  • Many congratulations Rignold. You've had an epic year with lots of ups and downs. Fabulous achievements and lots of lovely medals. This latest one is just majestic. Love it. Here's to another memorable running year but with less dramatic interruptions.

  • Cracking post Rig, only 5 months for me, but I so echo everything you say. My first 'race' (and bling) won't happen until 6th May, but whilst 4 months ago I doubted being able to manage the 10k, I'm actually excited and looking forward to it! As for Laura, I so hope that she knows just how inspiring she's been to so many people, I'd love to meet her to say thank you. And the people on this forum? A new family I never expected to have. Love it. Good luck to you my friend. Steve

  • I loved your post Rig you have shown what can be done by sticking with the programme and then with effort and determination what you can go on to achieve. It's great that the family are joining in to. Love the tablecloth and of course the medal! X :-)

  • Happy Runniversary, Rig! Fantastic post, and like others have said, inspirational. I hope I can achieve a fraction of what you have.

  • Fabulous post Rig, I thought you'd been running for ages too, but it's amazing that you have achieved all that, in just a year. That medal is epic and suits your slightly crazy, adrenaline-junkie adventurous spirit down to the ground!

  • I've enjoyed reading about your exploits Rig and thought you were a veteran - a surprise to learn this is only your first anniversary. Hope you have a great second year!

  • I can only echo everyone else's comments Rig. A great post describing an extraordinary and life changing year. You really are the most hard core runner on here and I love reading your descriptions of all the crazy exhausting stuff you get up to. Great that Mrs Rig and the elder Riglet have got the running bug too, there'll be no stopping your family now! So happy happy runniversary mdear . I'll raise my cup of tea to you and your amazing running journey. :)

  • Wow, congratulations on the brilliant bling and for achieving so much in one year.

  • Goodness me, you have been pushing hard ! Such a lot achieved in only 1 year. I'm very glad Mrs R has joined you and hope she now appreciates your fitness efforts more !

  • Great post Rignold :D am so with you on just how wonderful C25K is and what it or should I say what we do to ourselves now !! The more you do the more you want to do, it is bliddy wonderful :D

  • So now it's the Flying Rignold Family!! Nice one and great post. I smiled at the recollection of thinking, how could I possibly fit in three runs a week into my life, whereas now the running takes priority and other things fit around it.

    Many more happy hard core years of running.

  • What a beautiful blog, I really have a sense that this has changed your life like it has for so many of us. You have achieved so much and are such an inspiration to all of us here especially me :)

    I think you summed it up best by saying that you have fun, I never want to lose that and keep on having fun and feeling amazing, well done :)

  • Congratulations! Brilliant post - you are inspirational, not just in your running, but in the support you give others on here. I wish you many more years of happy running :)

  • I so remember those early worries.. but how things change. It's great when something as simple as running becomes a priority in life.

    You are definitely an inspiration and I'm always on the look out for your posts and responses.

    And a big well done on all your achievements including inspiring your family :-) xx

  • Fantastic Post Rig, cool medal too

  • That's a great post and a great story, brilliant.

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