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Treadmill v outdoor running

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I have completed most of my runs on a treadmill as I am 7 stone overweight and the thought of going outside literally filled me with dread . Last week I actually did a run outside and this morning I did w5 r2 outside and I'm now thinking I'm going out again it is a bit harder but rather less sweaty . Plus I've signed up for a 5k run for my 50th birthday

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Well done.

Outdoor running provides fresh air, vitamin D and constant change of stimuli........... you have made a great discovery.

Go for it!

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Great work, running outside may seem harder but you will get used to it good luck 😊

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You’re out now. You can’t go back in 😄 You’ve done great so far 👏

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Hi JennyS! I’m on W5 too and have only run outside - wouldn’t dare run on a dreadmill for fear of being flung off the back! But outside is great - fresh air, a different view every day, and no cost! Go for it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Well done Jenny, sounds like it suited you to gain confidence in the programme and yourself by starting on a treadmill. Carry on, Lady,Go for it!

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Well done! I was petrified going outside in my exercise clothes for the first time, so self conscious (lots of weight to lose!) but it’s actually given me a big confidence boost now no one has said anything or looked at me funny. I’m just a person out exercising, nothing to see here!

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