Haven't started yet am I too old

I am 67 about 3-4 stone overweight am I kidding myself that I can do this and should I check with Docs first


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  • You're definitely not too old (I'm 67) - why not check with your doc? I say get as much reassurance/support as you can. You can't have too many people on your side- this forum proves that on an almost hourly basis!

  • Thank you so much

  • You are so welcome. Keep us informed!

  • Never too old, just get a quick check with your doctor, my GP does phone call consultations, and if you haven't got any underlying health issues, a quick chat maybe enough to allay your worries.

    There are a number of members who actually start walking first to get them prepared for the regular rhythm of undertaking exercise, that may be an option for you too?

    The beauty of the plan is that you can take it at your own pace, the 9 weeks is an aspiration not a strictly defined limit. Most of us took longer than the 9 to graduate.

    Nice to hear from you and hope that you start running and posting your success soon

  • Thank you so nice of people to reply so quickly

  • You're definitely not to old and if a chat with your Dr is going to put your mind at rest then give him a call

  • Thank you Rolysmate

  • I'm 60 on Monday, stopped smoking in March and completed cto5k 2 weeks ago

    Hope that helps

  • 68... me... check with the GP... then start this, if you get the go ahead... :) Slow and steady !

  • If you feel like you want to do it then go for it. The program is really good. I like listening to Jo Whiley on her pod cast. Do it at your own pace. Repeat if you feel it's too much and I'm sure you will get there 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • You're not kidding yourself - believe me! You can do it - if I can anyone can. Start slowly & build up. Talk to folk on here, they will help you build your confidence xx

  • 17, 37, 67. Old, middle aged, young. It's all a state of mind. One thing for sure is your defo not old at all. If for medical reasons you can't that's different but whatever age you are we all have the same issues with fitness and running. Giving it a go and getting started is just as scary for all of us. Good luck:)!!!

  • I started C25k when I was 67 (4 years ago). I never consulted a Doctor before i started - I know more about my body than a Doctor does. Doctors are well known for advising older people to not try running -- "it will ruin your knees" , "walking for you old people is a much better form of exercise!!" Etc. I will withdraw this advice IF the Doctor is a runner him/herself.

    I first started walking for about a month and bought a heart rate monitor right from the start. I increasingly walked as far and hard as I could with an eye on the monitor. I did think initially that C25K was too much for me - "what, me? run for 1 minute????" So I did this 7 week Mayo clinic plan first mayoclinic.org/healthy-life... . It only had me running for 15 seconds at a time at first. After I successfully finished that I moved onto C25K. I completed a half marathon in April this year in 2 hours 23 minutes at age 70. It can be done.

  • Wow that is so inspiring well done

  • I darent go to my gp with any running related issue as he doesn't like it and says I'm just storing up joint problems down the line

    He tried to push statins at me but I politely refused. So I wouldn't be running anything past my GP any time soon 🙂

    If you look after your health, get moving, keep moving and shift the weight you won't need a gp 👍🏃‍♀️💪✔️🙂

  • My GP thinks that walking 5K is a really really big deal!!!! :) Maybe it is on a broken foot - but what is a man to do?

  • Just a thought about your fractured foot taking a long time to heal.

    My son had a foot problem and was told at the hospital that because the foot is furthest from the heart it's slowest to heal, as the body sees it as a low priority. So, to get round that you have to eat your way healthy. He was advised to eat a diet rich in vitamin b foods!

    Worth a try 🙂

  • Thank you everyone who replies and for the encouragement have decided to have a quick check with gp who is Italian and seems to have a completely different attitude than some other doctors, but will keep everyone posted.

    Thank you

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