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Day 1 Week 1 complete!

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I am 57 and about 3 stone overweight so I started this today. Had to talk to myself to keep going after round 3 but I pushed through puffing like an old steam training and thud thudding round the track. However, it was worth it as now have happy endorphins and a mini sense of pride. Want to keep going....anyone else just started would be good to have progress buddies!

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Well done! Keep going, just keep batteling through the toughness, but slow & steady is the way. It'll do you the world of good.

Make sure you have a decent pair of cushioning running shoes😊

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Slow and steady and as our lovely davelinks says, make sure you have the right shoes :)

Keep posting and we will support you..steam train look and sound is fine.. think Flying Scotsman! :)

Well done...on the way!

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Great stuff! 2017 is going to be your year. :)

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Well done - you've done the hardest part in starting the program! :)

I'll be your buddy! Day 1 for me too. 3 years younger than you, but more overweight about 4 stone, so I reckon we are definitely on a par! Totally out of breath by the end, but I did it!

It's as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. It's the best thing I ever did and I love running. I'm 4 stone overweight (I'm 32 though) and I managed it. I puffed and panted the whole way, and I still do. I'm not bothered though, the way I see it is the puffing and panting is me getting enough oxygen to keep going. Well done on starting - you have definitely done the hardest part by going for your first run. There will be tough moments along the way, but if you post on here people will help you through. Trust in Laura, go slow and steady, get the best running shoes you can afford (get a gait analysis done too), enjoy the happy hormones afterwards, and in the tough moments where you don't think you can do it, give yourself a head wobble and tell yourself that you can :) I look forward to following your progress!

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Well done on getting started. Get yourself a weekly schedule sorted out and stick it somewhere where you can see it and tell everyone about your plans so everyone can support you!

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Happy endorphins and a mini sense of pride are just the beginning :) I remember the thud thud thud of week 1 run 1 and never thought I'd get to even the end of the week!

You are starting out on the best thing ever...endorphins and pride are just part of the package. Really looking forward to cheering you on :)

My first day aswell😀 3 stone too heavy, 45 and extremely unfit🙄 I thought I was going to give up at one point, a mix of not being able to breathe and embarressment, glad I didn't though. Good luck👍We can do this😀

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I did first session of week one yesterday. It was hard work - my recovery walks we're anything but brisk! Rest day today.

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After 2nd run I had to stop. My knee was in so much pain. Running on concrete. Now knee is better plan to start in the gym on the treadmill as no grass around me to run on. is my 'Week 1 Day 1' so I totally understand how you feel. I'm almost (almost!) looking forward to 'Day 2' but I'm taking the advice to have a rest day in between runs. Keep us posted!

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