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Just bought a trendy set of scales

Ive invested £30 of my hard earned today on a set of scales. Apparently it not only gives you weight but also body fat and bone percentage and sends it to your phone via blue tooth. Everyone tells me Im looking better but as I havent seen any big weight change as yet (only 8 weeks in so not expecting to ) Id like to see the stats of how my body is changing over the coming months Anyone else got experience of one of these ?

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I have no experience with such a scale, but I have looked into getting one for myself. Let me know how it works out. It seems pretty neat! I'm sure seeing the stats on your body will help you see improvement!


Nope.. they sound really great:)

I ditched the scales at the start of C25K..I like to judge how I am doing by the way I feel and the way my clothes fit :)

As this is not a weight loss programme, you may or may not lose weight..but, you will feel amazing.. leaner and keener :)


I have got one and find it really great for keeping track of changes in body composition. Mine is a sanitas bought from Aldi earlier this year there is an app that goes with it healthcoach Which is great for seeing results over time. Keeping me motivated to eat healthier and exercise etc.


You are unlikely to see much of a body weight change through following the c25k programme alone. You simply do not burn enough calories running for 30mins and sub to make much of a calorie deficit in order for your weight to change. Now I know that may sound harsh but the good news is that usually people will also start to consider other aspects of their lifestyle when making a change such as following c25k and it is through these that you will have a greater effect on weight, namely eating more healthily. Weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercise.

Now with regard to fat and bone density measuring scales. Sorry but these are notoriously bad at giving a true figure. Namely as the mechanism they use is flawed. ie passing an electrical current from one foot up to the pelvis and back down the other leg, hence only measuring resistance in your lower body. That said, like notorious step trackers even though the number may be unicorn poo, the number in relation prior measurement over time may be of some value.

C25k does make you feel great, and that in itself can help you make other changes that will give you the rewards you seek.

Some useful info on scales here


Eat healthy and keep running. 👍🙂


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