Just bought second pair of running shoes!

Decided it was time to replace my running shoes as I reckon I'm pretty close to the recommended 500 miles and was starting to get minor twinges that I've never had before. It was a good feeling (at least until I get the credit card statement!). Those of you who've read "Running Like a Girl" will remember her description of buying the second pair of shoes and how it compares to the first time. It was just like that! Went it with my old muddy trainers, chatted about park run and what distances I was running etc. Finally I think I really am a proper runner! Although still couldn't help myself - wanted a pair that looked a bit prettier than my old ones - luckily the updated Mizunos are, indeed, a bit more colourful than the previous model! :o)


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  • What mizuno's did you get? Have you tried them out yet?

  • They're the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. Haven't tried them out yet but they're pretty much an updated version of what I had before so don't anticipate any problems. Will test them tomorrow and report back.

  • 500 miles wow Sounds like total different experience to buying your 1st pair. I know you buy shoes for fit and not looks .... but what colour are they ?

  • White with grey/blue/purple trim. You're right - comfort is the most important thing but comfort with good looks is even better!

  • Exactly!

  • I bought new shoes the other day but I didn't notice any real difference in my running unfortunately. I thought I would be better somehow. Ever the optimist. LOL

    I've read good reports about the Mizuno Waves

    I'm off out running in a minute, on the roads today though as the trail is just too bad, and I kept sinking in the mud the other day in my new shoes. Grrrrrrrrrr!

  • Yes I've been happy with them and the new ones are good but, like you, didn't make any real difference to the running. I also stuck to the roads this morning and probably ran further than necessary trying to miss the puddles! The novelty will soon wear off, I'm sure. Do you wear different shoes for trail running?

  • Absolutely! They are completely different to road shoes. The soles are made to be grippier and have wider lugs and open tread pattern so mud doesn,t get wedged

  • Might have to invest in some of those. Most of my running has been on road so far but have a bit of a fancy for trail running - strikes me as being much more interesting than just pounding the streets.

  • It is indeed! I love it and have done 99% of my running on the trails. I'm off them at the moment because of waterlogging and flooding. I did manage a run last week in my new Brooks trail shoes but I ended up running through mud that was like treacle. So, it was back to pounding the pavements yesterday. I look for new routes all the time though to keep things fresh and interesting

  • Got my new running shoes last august but I can't bear to part from my old faithful's. And I don't want to get them dirty!!

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