Bought a running distraction

Bought a running distraction

Did w6 r2 this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven't a clue how long the first run was because when Laura was introducing it I was playing with my new TomTom Spark Cardio with Music and MPOW Wolverine bluetooth ear buds. I completely missed what she was saying but I figured I ran 20 minutes last week so could do anything she cared to throw at me, and I did. That's another run ticked off.

I'm a real tech nerd so I guess it was only a matter of time before I bought one of these devices. I love being able to see how far I ran (4.8 km including warm up and down), how fast I went (7.38 mins/km average including walking sections) and seeing where I stopped to stroke the dog (it was on cool down, that's allowed). I've no idea how accurate the heart rate monitor is yet, I get the feeling it records a little fast, but at least I'll now have advance warning of cardiovascular explosion!


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  • That looks like fun! That's a respectable pace too xx

  • Thanks. I have no idea what a respectable pace is! At the moment I'm slower than my 65 year old friend who ran 10 km earlier in the week with a much better pace. He's out out on a 25 mile cycle ride at the moment! I'm 44 so I've got some catching up to do!

  • That looks very cool. Am looking to upgrade from my trusty Fitbit Charge. It counts steps, stair climb and miles perfectly well, but is impossible to read in bright sunlight as I am blind as a bat but cannot run in glasses. Also, has no heart rate monitor. Clear display is key for me and that looks like it might tick that box. Have been looking on the net with birthday money in mind and so far been tempted by Garmin 235 but might look this one up too. Enjoy the new toy and happy running!

  • I really like my TomTom. Not sure I've figured out all the features yet but I'll do that after week 9. I love that it does music too. There are so few watches that do that. It also says that I was sprinting during my w6r3 run today. I definitely wasn't! I need to tweak the heart rate zones in the software. I'll spend the rest of the weekend trying to work out what they should be for me.

  • What a coincidence!!! I bought the same watch last week and took it out on a couple of occasions... Its pretty accurate, the heart rate monitor as well :) Too many metrics, never thought so many existed. It seems to count the steps a little more though. All the best for ur running journey :)

  • I've been researching max heart rate today and according to all the websites I looked at, I shouldn't have survived my run today - my max heart rate recorded as 188 and the sites say between 175 and 179 (though the more authoritative sites acknowledge that the formulae used have been proven to be inaccurate for most people!). Have decided that I'm not going to worry too much about heart rate until I graduate... assuming I live that long ;-)

  • I took part in some medical research last year that involved wearing a heart monitor for a week, as well as a movement detector. I could see from the graphs they sent me at the end of the research that my heart rate is through the roof too, but I feel fine. I asked here and several runners said they have the same thing - those guides are just that - guides.

  • I checked my heart rate (HR) after cool down walk today and it was 164. The TomTom was spot on. I felt fine too at the max HR it recorded at the end of my run (I managed to speed up!). It certainly didn't feel like I was about to expire!

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