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Just bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 15

Hubby was at the sports shop for something else, and wandered over to check out the Forerunner 10s, as I'd been talking about getting one, but dithering between that and a fitness band type thiny. The sales guy was in the process of adding the 15's to the display and xplained that its basically a 10, with the Vivofit activity tracker module added.

So, I went and bought one ! Timing is bad as we're heading off to a 3 day conference this weekend - today's planned activity is 8 hours sitting in a car, so no point trying it I think...

Anyway, as its new, I'll try it out for a few weeks then try to remember to write a review. I'm not entirely sure I'll wear it all the time as an activity tracker as its a tad chunky. (I got the small model in purple, but its still not very small.). I paid 150 Euros at Decathlon in France.

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Oooh, I'm jealous. I've been thinking about getting one of those too. I'll look forward to reading your review after you've tried it for a few weeks.


I bought the 310XT last week already run twice it and am loving it. Oh and your in France so am I :)


Hi Shivashinn. I'd be very interested to hear how you find the 310xt, as I'm tempted by one of those. Are you just going to use it for running, or for cycling and swimming too? What do you like / not like about it? It looks big and heavy, but how do you find it once on the wrist? What made you decide to get this one? Sorry, lots of questions. There are SO many to choose from!!


I'd love to know about it as well, seems a sight less money than the 910 that I have my eye on, I would use it for the swimming and cycling though......


I only got it last Saturday so I ran Sunday and Tuesday with it and will be out tomorrow. It is quite chunky but not heavy I never wear a watch but wearing it doesn't bother me. I did buy it mainly for running but I am going to try it cycling and at the local pool soon too. So far both runs have been great I love seeing everything on the computer after, it is really motivating. For the moment I have nothing negative to say. When I was looking at it some people said it was complicated for the 1st time garmin user, I found it really simple. The thing I do love about it is I have started the B210k and I just couldn't run with the music not my style at all runing to Britney, I'm more a Rob Zombie, Murderdolls type girl. Thanks to the 310xt I can program all the runs and walk times and run with my music :D so very happy with that, it vibrates when you need to change, and you have the info on the screen and you can see it really clearly. I bought it mainly because it was on offer I saved about 80 or 90 euros. Hope that helps :)


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