Yes I am sad !! look what I just bought

Yes I am sad !! look what I just bought

Yes, I am.... that.... sad ! but I so don't care.

I have a bag that I pin badges onto, like a a little story of my life the places I have been to, things that mean something to me. So what better badge to add to my collection than a c25k graduate badge, had it made from a guy on ebay, was only a pound.

I love it... It's going to take centre stage in the middle of my bag.

Not been out for a run since graduation, due to the broken abscessed wisdom tooth I had removed at the start of the week, been feeling like I've been hit my a bus all week but woke up today feeling not too bad, all the alcohol and cigarettes (I am bad ! I know !) at our party last night have done me wonders lol So hope to get out tomorrow morning, for my first official post grad run. Kind of nervous, weird I know, but hoping that I still have the willpower to run now that its all completed. we will see.

Just wanted to show you guys the badge :-)

Happy running everyone :-)


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16 Replies

  • Love it! Congrats.

  • Remember to wear it the right way up ;)

  • Love it. Did make me chuckle!

  • If that's sad then I don't know what that makes me. I always run in my C25K graduate running top!

  • Im so very tempted with a top... Where did you get yours ?

  • I got a short sleeve running top from this website.

  • what sort of size is the logo on yours ? it doesn't show the logo on the tops ?

  • It is fairly big. I posted a photo of me wearing mine:

  • Brilliant!!! I can't believe you can still run and have a few fags....I gave up a while ago as I couldn't breathe, I'll always miss it but I do feel so much better.

    I hope your tooth feels better that must have been horrific....enjoy your post grad run :)

  • im trying hard to stop. But there's always a reason to start again. Lol like drink. And parties. I never really get breathless when I run !?!. Did manage last week without 1 then the tooth came out and I was suddenly really desperate for 1 the 3 days after it came out my mood was unbearably bad and I cracked last night. 3 left in the packet then im trying again. Must do it this time..

  • I like the badge. It will be a while before I graduate but could you give us a link to this guy on eBay, or would that contravene the rules of this forum. Anything that promotes C25K has to be a good thing.

    Good luck with your follow up running. All the best.

  • hi, I haven't a clue if its against the rules, I'm sure someone will tell us if it is though :-0

    his name is chrisswansea his shop name is mybadgeapp and its under custom badges, you just buy it, then email him the style of font, the colours, what words you want etc. that you want printed on the badge. :-)

    good luck with the programme. :-)

  • Oh, love the badge! I haven't had a post grad run yet either, was planning on running my normal Monday, Wednesday and Friday but last week was a write off with me and the littlies ill and this week have two big nights out on Tuesday and Thursday (very unusual for me as I hate getting babysitters!) so I'm hoping to go Tuesday and Thursday mornings instead. Is it just me or do other people get nervous about the first post grad run...?!

    Next week I'm off to Spain for 6 weeks to see all the family, so will probably miss more runs (especially after a 28hr long haul flight, just me with my two girls!)

    I'm just making excuses now, aren't I?! ;)

    Anyway, hope the tooth gets better and you have a good run! :)

  • I went out today, didn't go too well but oh well. Tooth's better nearly healed got to go back again tho for another wisdom tooth out on the other side at some point. Yuk !

    Hope you enjoy your nights out.

    and ouch 28 hour flight. Yikes how old are your kids ? But on the plus side family to babysit when your in Spain... Lol... time for running ?? :-)

  • Great badge !

  • That's awesome :)

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