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Couch to 5K
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H A P P Y (ie done it!)


8 1/2 weeks ago I thought running for 60 seconds was a massive ask. 6 weeks ago I stressed at the thought of a whole 90 seconds. 3 ½ weeks ago 20 mins was a major break through. So today I ran 5k on 38 mins. It’s slow I know but we can work on that! Thanks for the support on this forum and to Wilson (our sprocker) who graduated today as well.

Next up is a park run on 23rd. My first run without Wilson ☹️

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Hi Karen - massive congratulations to you (and Wilson). (I graduated this week too - wish I'd had a friend like Wilson to run with.) Good luck with the park run and have fun


Aww I bet Wilson will be proud of you when you get home!


Excellent!!! Well done and congratulations. Must be so nice having a friend along for the ride :) Jealous of your 38 mins.. I'm not at 5k yet and haven't braved much further than 30mins so well done you for your achievements.

I'll be doing my first parkrun also on the 23rd so you won't be alone :)


Enjoy your graduation, parkrun and a long future running.

Consolidate at 5k/30 minutes for a few weeks and just get really comfortable at that distance/duration.

No need to push for speed on every run. Only 20% of your running time should be pushing hard.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Fantastic...well done 😊


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