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Well, it's been a while! I started C25k 2 years ago, I did really well, but I have fibromyalgia and had a huge flare up when I was on week 7, walking up the stairs became a problem nevermind running! But I came back, I've kept my mouth shut this time, didn't want to tempt fate and not finish again. Here I am, après my week 9 run and I only went and did it! I completed 5k in 29 mins 43 seconds, obviously ran to 30 but my god I feel fantastic!

Do I need to do this another 2 times or did I just graduate?

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  • Let me offer a standing ovation - I know what it is like with long term health issues and completing something like this is an amazing achievement - especially in the face of a past flare up. Respect.

    Yes, you have to run 30 minute 3 times to graduate. but you're practically there aren't you.

  • Thank you, it means so much! And yeah, practically there, in my head the battle is won, so, Saturday run is graduate run, I'm so happy!

  • Absolutely brilliant! Really great job. And your time is wow! You deserve to feel fantastic. Look forward to seeing your well earned graduate badge on Saturday.

  • Thanks, I can't stop smiling!

  • Well done, you should feel so proud of yourself. Bring on Saturday and you'll be there.

  • Thank you, I can't wait for the weekend!

  • Well done! I agree that it does feel kind of weird to have to do this one 3 times but you know it isn't a fluke then, that you can really do it. I am absolutely flabberghasted and deeply envious that you can do 5k in under 30 minutes with FM.

  • Thank you! It's taken some getting to this stage I can tell you, it's taken a bit longer than the 9 weeks but I've repeated a few runs I've struggled with, taken longer rest periods than just a day and tried really hard! I've learned over the last couple of years so much about how extra demand on my body affects my fibro and basically learned to manage it as best I can. My theory is if I'm fitter than I used to be when a flare up does happen it won't be as huge!

  • It's a hard concept to get your head around, being a fit ill person but it is certainly true!

  • Someone was said to me that the harder the journey the greater the achievement So be really proud of what you have achieved and I ll look forward to reading your graduation post and seeing your shiny badge Good for you

  • That's so true, I feel like I've conquered Everest! Thank you

  • That is really fantastic. My daughter had ME for many years & I believe there is a connection between that & FM. Knowing how she struggled, I have nothing but admiration for you. Well done you put me to shame.

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