W6R2 done but it was a struggle!

I just found it tough, first 5 mins I usually find hard but I know this now so talked myself through, last five mins of initial ten min run was good! 3 mins walk, then the second ten minute run starts, I was doing ok but it was tough going. The last 60 seconds felt like it was never going to end! But I managed it, slowly, with a lot of positive self talk. Plus, I wanted to write on the forum that I'd done it without stopping so that spurred me on! Let's keep it up I say but boy I'm glad to be home.

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  • Go for it kittykat007! The first two runs in week include a break so today I did two ten mins with a 3 min break and run 1 is similar. I kept thinking "I ran 20 mins last Saturday, surely I can do this!" I had been warned by others to be mindful that week 6 can be tricky and they were right. I found run 1 ok actually, but today was tough. I've looked at why and I just think maybe it's just one of those things. Onwards!!!

  • You are doing great! You are over the halfway mark in the plan now and are getting closer to graduating. I found week 6 tough. Going into week 7 and the longer 25 min runs can feel tiring and tedious. I found it helps to change the route. I am also feeling slightly achey again as my body is getting used to longer runs. Just giving you a heads up on your next week. Xxxx

  • Well done on completing run 2, week six certainly is a tough one even though I'd run run the twenty mins the week before I struggled, glad to say that it does get easier

  • Yes I'm quite achey as well which is to be expected I suppose. I will just keep doing the runs as they come and try my best. I think after doing the first 20 min run I've done since I was at school! It blew me away, the feel good factor. But now it's concentrating on the runs again. In fairness it's the first time I've really struggled, like I seriously thought I'd have to stop. But it did pass. Next run at the weekend which is 25 mins I think. I will take your advice kickibro and try different route. Thanks all

  • Well done on completing this run - the final one with a walk break. Good luck with run 3 over the weekend, you CAN do it. Best wishes.

  • Thanks fitmo. I'd not actually realised that run 2 was last one with a break. Eek!!!

  • Don't worry - you will be okay. Keep it very slow and steady and you will get there. Best wishes.

  • Congratulations.....my Week 6 Run 2 is tomorrow.....positive self talk will also need to be applied! Good luck to you on Run 3 :)

  • Go for it abouttostart, it's got to be done! Let us know how you get on. This forum really helps keeps the motivation going

  • Well done you - I have talked to myself to get through a run many, many times & the thought of posting on here has kept me going too - so I know what you mean! You're doing really well. Keep running & keep posting! :)

  • Yes LSBeech75! Whatever keeps one foot going in front of the other. It's the mind over body thing. I keep saying I can do this! And of course I can!

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