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Is it still good to walk - or is that not the done thing?

Okay as part of the 10k training plan I am running out along the tow path, get to half time, turn around and come back in... Each week of my plan I'm upping the duration for the run, so last week was 34 mins, this week is 37 mins and next week is going to be 40 mins, and it's all going reasonably okay now that I have learned to slow down a little at the start!

My only little bit of guilt is that I have started to take time out for a 90 seconds to 2 minute walking break at the half way point - this is both to have a bit of a breather & recover, it's also something to break up the running (I still slightly feel my shins ache at times).

Now I can see how this might not quite be the "done thing" as I have gone backwards a bit since I am not running for a full 30 mins constantly, infact on last nights run another runner hurtled past whilst I was walking and I could tell that he thought I was slacking off and letting the side down.

But as I see it, next week I will run for 20, walk for 2 run for 20 and it wasn't really that long ago (infact it was W5R3) that after running for 20 I would be dead on my feet let alone even think about setting off and doing it all again.

So there Mr Smarty-Pants-Superfast-runner - I am now doing DOUBLE that what i did 8 weeks ago! & I have made a 100% improvement in my running, even if I do take a short walk in the middle!

Happy Running all

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I don't think there is any problem with a walk mid way. I have just done Week 5 Run 2, so my next one is Run 3 which I think may be the big one, but I tend not to look ahead in case it puts me off. I like the idea of intervals, and if I ever make it to graduation, I think I may still go back to intervals, rather than one long run. In my mind, I am still doing far more than I was 5 weeks ago, and enjoying it...if anyone wants to look down at me as they go racing past, quite honestly i think...let them, I am doing this for me :) Keep it up, you sound like you are doing really well x


Thank you & yes it does feel like I am doing well, just when he goes belting past at 400kph I kind of feel so so slow and have got so far to go still....


I have a vaguely similar programme myself - extend by 10% each week - and i do take a min or so break if I feel like it at half way. We are afterall only accountable to ourselves. I console myself with it is interval training to build up to 10k and even on my worst days i am always completely clear at the begining of April I could barely run for one minuite. Doing it for yourself whatever your goals is what counts.

Keep running - keep smiling :-)


I think we were starting around the same time too as I could barely run for 1 minute in April too.... Sites, your right to make me think about what it was like back in April...

thank you


I seriously doubt the other runner thought anything of the sort. Would he never have heard of intervals? He might have been a bit of an 'out of my way' sort of person though.

I must admit though my route to success (by my own standards) has been that if I am aiming to run for x distance or x period of time (even vaguely), that is what I do and if I have to walk, that's it, I don't start running again in that session - and nor do I feel bad about it. But I certainly do interval training, like C25K - sometimes that might be running slower (eg if I am doing C25K+ Speed) or it might be walking. I went out recently where I came to a steep hill and couldn't keep running and I thought that time I'd start running when I got on the flat again but I didn't.


OK - so just how could you tell what he was thinking? :) And anyway, who cares what he was thinking - that's his problem!

This is interesting - I think I tend to not let myself walk, not because I think it's better to keep running, but because I'm afraid I won't start up again if I walk a bit. Maybe I'd run further if I did have walking breaks? Perhaps allowing yourself to walk a bit is a strength, rather than a weakness? Many marathon runners definitely do include walking sections, especially on hills, so it's definitely not 'illegal'! We do play funny mind-games with ourselves, don't we! :)


Hi there -- I do Samantha's B210K and I'm on the last week and it sounds like what you do --- run 22 mins; 1 min, walk and run 22 mins. At around 35 degrees I think I'm doin fine. We'll get there Matthew. Btw Y I think I need to apologize for not resonding to you guys, but this new site sucks slightly. You really need to look for things.


Just to put my slant on this:- It is your run, you do it how you want to and how you can. I know some people are driven to stick by the book to the very last letter but thats OK for some. You carry on doing your runs your way but make sure please that you enjoy it cos thats the most important thing of all. You've also hit the nail on the head when you say you have improved 100% from 8 weeks ago so keep up the good work and well done. :)


For all the other runner knows, you could have just finished 12 miles, he's probably thinking "don't give up, not much farther now, how long can I keep my legs moving, I want to slow down"


Well done... Good running, and silky Steve says its a really good idea to have a 2 minute break to re- energise after every 30 minutes or so. As for the other runner:

1. It won't be long before you will be sprinting past him if you keep to your training programme

2. He's a bloke- he was showing off

3. Next time I'd give him the V's up behind his back and blow him a raspberry

Good progress!


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