No running allowed but I can still walk

I will explain 4 weeks ago at work I had a blackout resulting in a blackeye and a bitten tongue I was referred to the Neurology dept and was sent for a CT scan on the 20th of November I was informed on the 21st that there was shadow on my brain resulting in having an MRI scan. On the 7th of December I had an appointment with the consultant at the Neuro-oncology Dept to get the results of the scans I have been told that I have a malignant brain tumor but it is quite a small one only 2cm in size and the consultant had never seen a tumor that small in all his time doing the job the fact that I have had no symptons is classed as a good thing the result is however that I will have to have an operation to remove the tumor along with a course of chemo/radiotherapy I am unable to drive for possibly 2 years but that is a minor thing to worry about but I think that the fitness I achieved doing the C25 will help my recovery once my operation has been carried out and after around 6 weeks I should be able to run again. The positives are that because it is so small means I should have no further problems in the future.



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  • Big hugs Michael ((( )))

    The good thing is that you have been diagnosed and now you can work on getting it sorted and the prognosis sounds very promising .

    I agree that the fitness you have gained from doing the programme, will be a fantastic aid in your recovery .

    Take care xxx

  • Thanks I did get told off yesterday as the doc said no climbing on ladders in case you had an episode which caused my wife and me to laugh and explain I had been on a platform ladder decorating so he said don't do it again.

  • So sorry to hear this, but happy about the prognosis. I think your base fitness is s great thing to help you surmount this! Try to keep up some walking throughout if you can. My Mr W and i walked daily after his huge lung, heart, diaphragm op and them chemo etc. Everyday we walked just a few minutes longer. We are in Australia at the mo and he has over-seen our activities these past three weeks resulting in an average 7 mile walk daily! We have certainly seen the area. Stay positive, you can so do this!

  • Thanks I still intend to do the walking as I think it can all help especially once I am on the chemo/radiotherapy

  • It not only helps physically, but gives each day a focus and goal. Very best wishes

  • Wishing you all the best.

    Your running fitness will carry you through.

    Here's looking to a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks same to you with your treatment I am not sure but I don't think mine will be as long as yours but it is something we will have to deal with while we have it.

  • Michael hello! A somewhat similar thing happened to me.

    One day, I noticed part of my periphery in one eye had gone. Went to the optician who referred me to the optometrist. Optometrist referred me to neurologist. Had CT, and there was a shadow. They thought it might just be fluid, but then they did an MRI with contrast and it was diagnosed as a meningioma. I put off having a biopsy for a lot longer than I should have to find out if it was benign or malignant but I plucked up the courage and had it last year and it turned out to be benign. I will need one round of radiation at some point over the next couple of years, as like you, (aside from the loss of periphery), I am largely symptom free.

    I only tell you this because as my neurologist told me, brain tumours are actually fairly common. They are often not filled with the kind of drama you see on TV. Listen to your doctors. I'm sure they are confident and not scared in the least. Follow that lead.

    Consult with your doctor of course, but that running plan sounds like a great idea. I wish you all the best, (not that you will need it =))

  • Thanks for telling me of your experience I have now been given my date for the operation it is the 29 th of December.

  • Great! Enjoy Christmas with your friends and family and the new year will be waiting for you x

  • Sorry to heqr this, but glad te prognosis is good and that you will be running again fairly soon. Look after you x

  • Thanks very much to be honest this is the first real bad thing I have in the 55 years I have been on this planet.

  • Crikey, that's all a bit much to take in isn't it. Still, on the plus side, you now know what caused your episode and can get it fixed. Hopefully, then you will be free of symptoms and can carry on with your running and whatever else you like to do.

    Walking is always a good idea!

  • It was a bit much but the consultant was sure of a good result after the op.

  • I'm sure that was a scary thing to go through but great news that the tumour is removable and fixable.

    A friend has the same thing except his tumour can't be removed because of its position but they check it every six months. He's a fitness fanatic and has run a few races with me so he's not held back in any way!

    All the best for the op and your return to runnng.

  • The tumor is on the surface of the temporal lobe between my eye and ear which because it is on the surface makes it easier to remove fortunately.

  • Very best wishes for a successful op and a speedy recovery. I look forward to seeing your first ‘back to running’ post in due course!

  • Thank you just want the op done so I can get on with my life.

  • How scary for you Michael but you sound very positive. I know it will be hard but try to have a lovely xmas won't you and keep up the positivity x

  • I intend to enjoy Xmas as I will not have a fun new year atleast until I come out.

  • That sounds quite scary but the good things are that they have found it early, there is a plan to deal with it and the prognosis is good. Have a great Christmas and all the very best for your op on the 29th.

  • Thank you I will be glad when the op is over and done with and recovery starts

  • Obviously, I do t like this post, but I’ve clicked ‘like’ because I like the fact that you’ve shared this with know that your running family will be here to support you when ever you need it...there are lots of positives with being diagnosed early on & thankfully yours has...your fitness will aide your recovery so much...just take good care of yourself, we’ll all be watching for your’ll be out there running before you know it xxx

  • Thanks all going well I should be out between 2 and 4 days so if I feel up to it I can probably go for a walk and see how I get on.

  • Well that sounds like a whole heap of fun, not.

    Wishing you all the very best... pleased to hear that you won't have to wait long for your surgery and will see the New Year in without that thar charmless squatter but still get to do Christmas. We'll need a whole new set of 'graduation' badges for you as you tick off the steps back to full health.

  • Thanks must admit not looking forward to hospital food and who knows what my fellow patients might be like.

  • Oh you get a better class of patient in neurosurgery!

  • Thank you for sharing Michael- and I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this- cyber hug.

    Your doctor sounds very positive- I'm really glad of that. I will be thinking of you and praying that your op goes super smoothly.

    Looking forward to you being back in your running shoes when you are recovered. 😃

  • Woah, I haven’t been on here for a while and just seen this. Sorry to hear you haven’t been so good. I’m sure the level of fitness you’ve achieved through the running is going to be such a benefit to your recovery. Wishing you all the very best and hoping you’ll be back to fitness very soon. Cally

  • Thanks I posted today about what happen so far and should post on the 29th depending on how I feel once out of the op.

  • Love and prayers,sir. You have a great attitude so that (along with your fitness) will be a big help, I'm sure. xx

  • Thanks I feel positive so that has to help and the fact it is only a small tumour helps quite alot with what will happen.

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