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Almost gave up...but kept going - no runner but can jog at least

Not been out since Monday because of work and family pressures. It should have been my last run. However, I was so fed up of the awful music I have been investigating others and tried the next series of runs....big mistake.

The run started at 150bpm and after 7 minutes I had to take a 1 min walk. I carried on for another 5 mins only to get a phone call from my kids. Had to stop for a couple of mins there.

At this point I almost gave up. I was fed up with the music, fed up doing the same route even thought running through fields was lovely and I enjoyed seeing with flora and fauna. I Alamogordo was thoroughly depressed at not being able to run. I had heard 150bpm was the speed I should be at and it was clear I wasn't able to do that.

Anyway, remembering 3 months ago i was finding 1 minute hard work, i thought i would try some different music; i had downloaded some podcasts by PodRunner. This time I put on music at 135bpm and ran for 25 mins. I think I could have carried on but was needed back home.

I have no idea if this means I have graduated but I know I can do at least 30 mins at 135bpm, so I may not be a C25K runner, but I can do a slow jog as least and that means I am fitter than I was.

It is so hard to keep my motivation up but I am hoping the PodRunner music will help and have bought some running CDs which I aim to pop on my iPhone and just try to jog to that and do my own thing.

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well done! its about getting to 30 minutes at this stage, rather than how fast you are! I found the running much easier once I dropped Laura and ran to my own choice of bad music! ;)


If you've run 30 minutes continuously and run it 3 times you are an NHS C25K graduate. Except that you have perhaps missed the bit where Laura tells you you are a runner. Does thinking of yourself as a jogger motivate you better than thinking of yourself as a runner? Not me!

BTW I have to take calls reasonably often whilst running (got one of those children school have to ring up about) I don't stop!


I have one of those children too. Glad to know you keep running !!


please do not worry about your speed, what matters is that you keep running for 30 minutes. the speed will come in it's own time.

It is hard sometimes to fit the running in with all the issues family life throws at us, but you still managed it so well done.

Sound like you have graduated.

Why not join a park run if you have one near you, it is a good way to measure a 5k run.

Well done to you :-)


I would love to keep running but my phone was in a pouch on my arm, and I had to remove it to get the phone out, and then it took a few minutes to put it back on. I don't want to carry it as I am quite clumsy and most of my running gear is pocket-less. How on earth do you manage to run and have a phone on you?

Thinking of myself as a jogger stops me from feeling bad about not being able to run; I am so slow that thinking in terms of running is just totally disheartening. I have short legs too which means I take short strides and am not sure how to alter that.

The park runs are around 25 min drive from me, so none are that close. Also I am so slow I may find it depressing being the last one in, but I probably should give it a go. I am terribly unconfident as I don't seem to be able to get into a stride easily; think it is my dyslexia /dyspraxia as it does affect me in a number of strange ways. I doubt anyone would want to run with someone as chaotic as me...I sort of shamble along ;0)

I am glad I have graduated though - hooray


Sounds like you need earbuds that also have a mic in them. You can take calls without pulling the phone out (you may need to hold the mic to your mouth, but that's not hard) and no worries about dropping at any point!

Well done on the run/jog success. Whatever it is, it's success. I'm one run into Week 5, really looking forward to being where you are!!


Try 'Tempo Magic' you can set the bpm for all your own music. This really helped me. tx

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