Still running!!

I haven't posted on here for a very long time but this seems an appropriate time to do it again. I started running with C25K, having not run since school (45 years previously), back in January 2012. I graduated on my 62nd birthday. Yesterday was my 65th birthday. I'm still running!

I've never stopped running. I've done the Great Yorkshire Run twice. In 2013 and again in 2014 I clocked a yearly total of over 800K (I was aiming for 1000K). I've never had an injury, although I did have a health scare earlier this year (a small stroke). But I'm still running, and the hospital are entirely happy with that. I'm still aiming for 1000K this year, intend to do the Great Yorkshire Run again and am working towards a half-marathon distance, and perhaps an actual HM.

So the message from this new pensioner is that age is just a number, it certainly isn't any barrier to running, and I intend to keep on running until the day I physically can't do it any more. I love it. Must stop now, gotta go running. Enjoy!


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  • Hey OldNed good to hear from you. Sounds like you're doing brilliantly. Well done m'dear. :)

  • Thanks AM; I do my best!

  • You go Gordon! I'm aiming for 1000k this year too but am already off the pace having been laid up with a flu virus for nearly a month. Still, just lacing up the shoes now...

  • Attagirl!!! See you tomorrow.

  • What a great story yours is! Happy 65th Birthday for yesterday!

    I turned 50 last week, so agree about the numbers game. I'm thinner and fitter now than I was when I was 30, which feels good.

    Sorry to hear about your stroke - glad your doctor is supporting your running still. I have MS and sometimes struggle with balance if I'm having a bit of a wobble, but I'm mostly ok and if I'm particularly unstable I just do a living room workout with my stepping machine and/or my kettlebells instead (soft landing on sofa if I go over!).

    Nice to hear from you again :)

  • Thanks Useit; it's good to be fitter now than when we were younger!

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday OldNed and many congratulations for your achievement! Good to know that there's hope for us lesser and (slightly) more junior runners. Glad to hear as well that the quacks are happy for you to carry on. Hurrah!!!

    Always enjoy reading your thoughtful replies and comments!

  • Thanks flossie - just keep on keeping on!

  • Oh yes! What did Churchill say?.....KBO -Keep B********g On!

  • Well, as it happens, I am a Churchill Fellow so the spirit must have rubbed off!

  • I bow down!

  • Wonderful to read. Age is definately just a number. When my mum turned 70 she announced that she was reconciled to "leaving early middle age". (But still hasn't given c25k a go, despite all my enthusiastic recommendations).

  • Thanks ajw; there's still time for your mum to start (tell her I say she has to!)

  • Great to hear you're still running regularly! It's great isn't it!!

    I was a late starter, at 56, but now I've started I don't want to ever stop. I love how alive I feel now. Energised like never before

    Happy birthday to you and i hope you'll post next year that you're sTill running x

  • Thanks missW; I'll try to remember that!

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday! A lovely story and you like many of us found running later in life. I wish I had done it years ago. You have obviously been a sensible chap to have no injuries from running so well done you. Carry on carrying on x :-)

  • Thanks ne; I do wish I'd found it earlier but better late than never!

  • Happy birthday Ned and happy running too. The young don't appreciate the vitality that comes as part of being youthful. Whereas we, who have rediscovered that same magic, later in life, really do value it. Long may it last for you and all of us. Have you got the other half into running shoes yet?

  • Thanks IT. No, sadly I can't persuade Nedetta into the running shoes :(

  • Respect. That is all :)

  • Thank you

  • Brilliant post Ned , youre made of true Yorkshire grit !

    Keep running and Good luck to you for striving for that 1000k , I have no doubt that you will achieve it !

    Fantastic story, I wish you all the very best . Throw your bus pass to the wind and go for it ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, much appreciated

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