I was struggling a bit with w7 and so decided to redo the last two days just to help get used to it before the extra 3 mins in w8. Yeah best laid plans and all that! Came down with what I thought was just a sniffle first shift back at work and now 6 days later I'm still struggling with the full blown lurgy. Due to congested lungs and my asthma lurking in the background my planned runs have gone out the window. It's very frustrating! However I'm hoping to get out in the next couple of days and fingers well and truly crossed my last run should be Christmas Eve!


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11 Replies

  • Good luck, wish you better.

  • I'm sorry to hear you're not well :( if it helps at all, I was injured for a little over 3 weeks just recently, I was at the same stage as you (just going into week 8). I was finally able to get back out last week and did 2x20 minute runs and a 25 minute run, I'm pleased to say that the 3 and a bit weeks off did not affect my fitness levels, I just got back into it slowly!

    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I had just gotten to grips with the 25 min run when this hit! I really want to finish before Christmas but hey ho it might be an extra new years celebration! I think it might help starting with a 20 but I'm going to follow my normal route without michael to see how far I get. Old lady shuffle here I come...lol!

  • Old lady shuffles are what get me through sometimes! Good on you! And good luck! :)

  • The shuffle is the thing.. slow and steady!

  • Tis the season for best laid plans to be derailed by lurgy. Look after yourself and get well soon. The runs are waiting for you. No rush. Christmas eve is just a date. This running thing is for life.

  • Thanks! The lurgy seems to have taken up residence in our house for the past couple of months. Really frustrating, but i love running so i can wait. Just makes the finish line a lot sweeter...

  • One of the hardest lessons we runners have to learn is how to cope with setbacks because there'll always be setbacks, many of them out of our control.

    Running will still be there for you, just take time out to get healthy again and don't go out too soon. These things can take more out of us than we realise.

  • You're in good company if you're looking for like minded people who HATE not being able to run due to the lurgy or other illness / injury. I had a cold last week which is still hanging about a bit and the thought of actually having to forego my planned runs last week was MURDER! I went out on Sunday, but it was hard work ... not aided in the slightest by my Garmin helpfully pointing out that my heart rate was high (most of the time) and that my performance condition was minus eleventy :D

    Fingers crossed my planned run tomorrow goes better and that you get well soon and get back in the game!!

  • Take it easy and get well first before going back out there. Don't worry you won't have lost that stamina you've been building up since the beginning of the programme. I've had two bad weeks only running once a week because of a bad cold. I was very anxious the first time because I thought I might lack the strength to run for 30 mns but in fact, each run has been great and (nearly ;-) effortless... Hope you'll get well soon!

  • Please rest up and feel properly better. Make sure you are fully on form before you head out... the run will be there... and we want you there, feeling absolute awesome:) x

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