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Still here..... But only just

Sometimes life just gets in the way, I completed week 6 run 1 10 days ago and have not managed to get out for my next run...

I have some good excuses, my grandad died of cancer last Friday so as I'm sure you can imagine things are tough at the minute, but I'm also struggling now that the kids are back at school, scouts, rugby..... Etc where is my time????

I know I've got to make an effort to make time, but I'm finding that I'm struggling to do this, don't know how much of this is because the initial excitement of the programme has disappeared..... Help!!!!

Am planning on going out straight from work tonight, just hoping I don't find another excuse between now and then!!!!!

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I'm so so sorry to hear about your grandfather. It is true sometimes like does get in the way and it certainly has for you at the moment. Get out whne you can and take it easy for a while. I run when I get in from work and find that it helps if I don't allow myself to do anything else first. I get changed and go. If I so much as put the washing on then I think ... I'll just ... I'll just and before I know it the time has gone. Keep going (as Laura says) you are doing really well! Don't you forget it.


Sorry to hear your sad news. It would be easy to let running fall by the wayside, but you have come too far to give up. Remember how tough it was to run for 60 seconds and how great it felt to complete a run? Remember how running for 20 minutes sounded impossible but you still did it? Week 6 is a tough week (I voted for it as my toughest week in the poll) but you can do this. There's no deadline, so take it at your own pace. Don't forget why you wanted to get off the couch in the first place. We are all rooting for you and know you can do this. You and I pretty much started together and I look forward to reading your blogs, especially that graduation blog that I know will mean so much. You deserve this. Make running 'your' time and then come and tell us all about it, good or bad. :) Have a good run tonight. We're all running with you, even if you can't see us at the time. :)


Couldn't agree with Legion more.

Take care and be kind to yourself. It's a tough time.

Let us know how you get on if you do run. I'm on week 6 too, run 1 in about an hour! I'll be cheering you on :)


Prayers to your family nicolaclaire. I echo what the others have posted, you can do this and you have came so very far from the first point you started the program. Please let us know how the run goes! I'm getting ready to run week6/3 tonight. Its a tough week and with all you have going on, that much more so. Best wishes!


Hi Nicolaclaire. So sorry to hear about your grandad. You and your family will be in my thoughts. As for the running it's really worth hanging in there. I have found it a fantastic way of destressing, clearing the cobwebs and getting some perspecive. More than ever you need to try to make a little bit of time for yourself. Good luck.


sorry to hear your sad news nicolaclaire. will be running with you again soon...xox delia


Thank you guys, the support on here is great! I bought myself a new long sleeved running top in my lunch break which made me want to try it out! Cunning plan or what??? The run was hard but not too bad so all is good, hoping to go out tomorrow for r3, wedding yesterday, my sons confirmation today..... Where has the weekend gone?????!


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