Injured and feeling miserable :(

I did W2R2 last Monday. Towards the end of the session I felt a little uncomfortable on my right ankle/heel but it was nothing too bad so I pushed on to the end of the session. Next day, and ever since, I've had a dull ache on the inside of my ankle down towards the arch, so I've decided to lay off the running until it clears up.

Has anyone else has a similar injury? I've googled the hell out of my symptoms (i know, not advisable!) and really am making myself miserable..

I'm considering going to get my gait checked and maybe get some proper shoes...currently using some cheap Karrimor Tempo 3 from SD and I'm convinced these contributed to my woes..


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  • Don't give up! Take time to rest it properly, maybe keep walking but no running. I would advise having a rethink on shoes, for me W2 my shins really started playing up. New trainers, ice pack and more rest in between runs worked for me. If running is a new thing, like it was for me, your body is bound to react somewhere. I'm fine now, moving on to W6. Good luck and I hope you keep going :)

  • For me, around this time, I also started to get really sore shins, like Northernspirit, and Achilles tendon started to worry me a bit. I found just making sure I really moved my feet around in the warm up (even when it's freezing outside and your muscles feel cold) and then doing a stretch after the run where you stand on a step and gently lower your heel below the step height one at a time really made all the difference. Good luck!

  • You may have hit the nail on the head, good supportive trainers are a must. Don't despair, just give the injury enough time to heel, when you can walk and go up and down stairs comfortably then go back to the program. Take it slowly and use the rest days. Good luck and enjoy your running. 😊

  • Thanks for the encouraging replies. I'm going to get plenty of rest...and some new trainers!

  • Yes, go and get that gait analysis done and get some new shoes, they make all the difference. x

  • Perhaps your ankle injury is related to arch problems in your feet. I've had arch pain in my feet in the past, and that was when I discovered that tight hamstrings not only cause back ache but they are also connected to the muscles in your feet. So arch support could be one answer (gait analysis, better trainers etc.), but the other is to really focus on stretching your hamstrings, at a range of angles, both before and after running. After a hot bath is good, as everything is easier to stretch then. Stretching my hamstrings fixed my arch pain, and I continue to do these stretches even when not exercising.

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