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Struggling and miserable because of it!

Warning: there is no point to this blog other then me having a good old whinge!

So I am now nearly 11 weeks pregnant and still running....sort of! So so so so tired all the time and have had 2 sickness bugs. Add into the mix permanent (and worsening!) severe nausea I am managing about once a week at the moment! It's 5 years since I was last pregnant but I honestly can't remember being this bad before!

On a positive note I did the full 30 minutes last sunday for my first week 9 run and managed 4.6K and it was actually quite easy (well the last 10 minutes were!!) Sadly I then had a lovely healthy salad for dinner which I spent the rest of the night throwing up! All I can do when I get the kids to bed is collapse on the sofa at the moment! I am very aware of wanting to run but really not being able to get out there, even walking to the school today my legs felt all wobbly, probably through lack of use as have spent most of today snoozing on the sofa!

Arrrggghh!! NEED to run, I am not happy! Plan go go again on saturday evening, I can't risk sunday cos i need to be able to get up for work on monday!

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Just hugs. Feeling sick, tired and pregnant is yuck. Long time ago, but I remember it vividly.

Take care. Maybe do shorter runs for a bit, in the hope that the sickness will stop soon? You're running pretty fast there - maybe that's contributing to the tiredness and sickness?

Hope you feel much better very soon.



Oooh those bad memories came flooding back when I read your blog, sick, tired & enormous(that's me not you) but then a beautiful baby at the end who manages to magically erase your bad memories of the pregnancy, well done for getting out for a jog, just take it slow and steady the fresh air will help as will escaping the house for a bit of 'me' time, take care, ally x


Argghhhh! Many sympathies for the sickness and nausea, I remember it well. Here's hoping it clears up soon. And congratulations on the soon to be baby!


I can't tell you how much admiration and respect I have for those of you who run while you are pregnant.

As a husband, and father of three girls (and three grandsons), the thought of coping with such massive body changes fills me with horror. I have been lucky in that I have had not really changed weight since I left school nearly 5 decades ago, and have exercised regularly all my life, but even so the programme was taxing and hard work. So to do it while coping with the physical (and emotional) burdens of childbirth is something special.



What a lovely supportive post. :)


Thanks for the words of support! I did do it quite fast for a first try at 30 mins, I think slowing down is a good idea!

Landesman I am going to show your post to my husband...if he asks me what's wrong one more time I'll batter him!


I'm a couple of weeks behind you in the bump-baking and I'm really noticing how tired I am. It's so frustrating! (So far ive been lucky and not had the sickness you are suffering with though) I've cut down to one or two short runs in the week and a long10k run at the weekend. I'm hoping the 'magic' 2nd trimester everyone talks about will bring back my energy and stamina. Have a 10k run through central London 2 weeks on Monday and need that mojo lol.

How can something that is currently so tiny use up so much energy eh?!


:-) x


My son's nearly a teenager but I haven't forgotten the sheer exhaustion of early pregnancy - I'm amazed you've got the energy to run at all!

I take my hat off to you (and would say don't beat yourself up about taking things easier!)


aww lucky Kate, ((hugs)) and respect to you. Next week you're past the magic 12 weeks and your body should begin to adjust better for a while. Did you run in your last pregnancies?

Can't say I was terribly fit with any of mine, preferred yoga and swimming :)

Have you had a scan yet? That picture helps sometimes, just to make sure there aren't 2 babies in there! (happened to me second time around, couldn't work out why I felt so bad!)


Argh no! 3 children is quite enough, I think 4 altogether and 2 at once migh tip me over the edge! No I didn't run in last 2pregsI was much less fit, hoping to maintain some fitness this time! Planning my second home birth so will definitely be doing some yoga to help prepare but hoping to keep jogging on as long as I can if only for my sanity! Scan is on 31st so ages away!


I did 30 mins last night a bit slower and shouldn't have had toast an hour before I went because I burped toast all the way round (TMI!) But happy I can still do it and my muscles haven't completely wasted away through too much couch activity over the week! Gonna do week 9 for another 2 weeks til it feels a bit easier then start trying to increase very very gradually depending on how I feel would really like to run the whole 5K for rfl in June, after that I can relax a bit and just do what I like!


And congratulations to you fillyfoo! Sounds like you are already doing longer runs than me but will be interesting to compare running/pregnancy notes!


Thankyou :-)

I was doing longer runs but my stamina seems to have gone out the window over the past few weeks lol. This morning was a bit better - sunny but a bit chilly helped I think - managed a nice 5.5k in 38 mins with only a couple of short walk breaks.

My husband is not keen on me continuing running but I keep telling him that I'm not trying to do a marathon, I'm only maintaining what I have been doing for the last year. I won't run when it's hot (bump will be a great excuse for getting out of that lol) and will walk my runs when I don't feel like running. But I'm like you Lucy, I need that run buzz and its good for us! I'm fortunate in that my weekend running partner is an ex-midwife and a very good pacemaker to keep me slow and steady.

Currently relaxing on the sofa after run & gym this morning, having had some strawberry cheesecake Haagen Dazs as a post exercise treat lol.

Would be good to compare notes as this is my first baby and its all a bit new and scary. My scan isn't until I'm 14 weeks so we've booked a private one for 2 weeks time cos we couldn't wait any longer lol (plus, that way we get a scan just before my 10k run and one the week after).

Ok, off to find more food, I may be tired but I'm also ravenous lol!


My scan is at nearly 14 weeks too! So frustrating waiting! I want to announce it too and tell the kids but I need to be sure that everything is OK first! We had a 4D scan last time, in another era when we were richer! I have to say I have woken up a new woman today,my appetite is back and i have made the most of it!I have also done 2 hours gardening so that's my exercise for today, next run on tuesday! My plan is to stick at the 30 mins and go for race for life then assess how I feel after, I figured I can always work backwards through the plan as I get bigger but I agree, planning not to run with a bump in the heat!

I wish I had been exercising last time because I suffered really badly with postnatal depression for a good 2 years, now I know exercise helps keep me sane I am sticking with it! As for post birth I have a tentative plan to go for some gentle walks as soon as I feel awake enough and then think about "the running plan" after the 6 week check and pick out a programme using C25K! But easier for me to think ahead as I have been through it before and have been lucky enough to have 2 very natural births with no complications....I should shut up before I tempt fate! It will all probably work out very different but I like to have a plan!


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