Anyone else struggling with their running lately? Or rather, not so much actual running but actually getting the oomph to go out? I just can't seem to jog myself out of this lull. It's only been three days, but still and all I'm one of those peeps that likes to go every other day / or at the very least every two days.

I'm waiting for a big storm to lower the temperature.......


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17 Replies

  • Where are you Danzargo? UK? I know it's been hot there, it's hot here too (35C yesterday in France) Seems too hot for a beginner to go out... I've been going out early mornings before it gets too hot...

  • Yes CG - UK. I must make the effort and get up early.

  • Really struggling too Dan !! I am actually looking forward to running in a cool Gym treadmill for the next few weeks whilst away! Never thought I would say that! Enjoy the sun while it lasts and your runs when it cools! :)

  • Thanks Carole.

  • I hear you Dan - went out yesterday around 9:30 and although it was much cooler than today it was VERY humid... Managed to get 10K in but it was a real struggle to keep going... hadn't sweat quite so much in my life...

    I'm hoping that Tue/Wed this week are a little milder and please pray for rain and cloud cover next weekend! :)

  • Ah yes - your richmond 10K. Good luck with that.

  • Oh I agree Dan, I just can't get out there when I want to. Its too hot! I did get to parkrun yesterday but it wasn't comfortable. The other day I was going to do a slow 10k and ended up doing a slow 4k and stopping. Never thought I would feel miserable about not running! x :-)

  • I know! I suppose that's a good thing though.

  • After the downpour yesterday afternoon the heat actually soared!!!! It was tropical out there, even in Derbyshire! I had to go to the supermarket and the heat was searing and it seemed the humidity was total. We're not used to this carry on are we. We know where we are when it's cold.

    I ran this morning at elevenish but I was only doing 3 k so I can't complain, and didn't mind walking home in the glorious sunshine. I did spot a dirty rat though , which walked out in front of me. Shudder!

    I went to a barbeque last night and as soon as the burgers hit the coals the heavens opened. Still, not to worry, golf umbrella unfurled and we were back on track.

  • Yep, hot here even in the Outer Hebrides - early mornings are the key I think.

  • Hi Dan; yep, I am really struggling with my running mojo in this humid sticky sunshiny weather... hence finishing 1 minute slower than last year at the 5 mile anniversary run this morning; since my hm in the heat & sun on 8th June I have probably only run twice a week - much prefer whizzing along on my bike so get a nice breeze but that's not going to get me a better time at the hm in September. Time to knuckle down & stick to the training plan... If I didn't have to get up for some shifts at 4.40 am I may be tempted to run earlier on my rest days, but I hate that alarm!!!

  • Yep, it's getting to me! Too hot to do anything, and so humid. It makes me want to sleep with my cats and wait until autumn!

  • Nah!! Quite the opposite here . I think I got "wind burn of the lungs" this past Saturday - trying to breathe in frigid 2C air as I ran just after dawn!! :)

  • And Northern Sweden is unbearably hot too. I have been struggling with my runs, despite getting up early... Today change of tactics. Still early morning start. But I returned to my early training route which start with a long downhill. Took it very slow. By the time I got to the bottom, I was well in my stride and managed to run 6k, my first ever run over 5k! To say I was sweating is an understatement... I had rivers pourring out of me, but now I am walking on air.

    Hope you find a way to cope with the heat.

  • I *really* struggle in the heat and the only way I can run is early mornings. 5:30am is lovely & cool!

  • Go very early, Dan - it's lovely then, and markedly cooler. My earliest to date is 6.10am I recommend it.

  • I'd agree with the early morning run - it's perfect at 6am :-)

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