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Wobble over; back on track!

Well, of course you were all correct - W7R1 done.

Wouldn't say I smashed it, but I did enjoy it, and when I got home no-one said 'wow Mum, your face is the same colour as the car' (although I will admit that is probably because he was at school)!

Thanks again to everyone for helping me get out there this morning believing that I could do it.

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Well done so close now only 8 more runs to podium! There is a lot in positive mental attitude in believing in yourself and of course we all know you can do it👍😊 You are going to be so chuffed & proud of yourself on that podium 😊


Thank you Pc59! I felt pretty chuffed this morning, and I do feel like I am on the home straight now. For the last couple of years I have been telling myself that I was 'just a walker now' (not that there is anything wrong with that - but I did miss running). It feels good to think like a runner again, and to have got back into it in such a steady way, that I hope to be running for many decades to come!


Good on you RUNNER 🏃‍♂️ 🏃🏃🏃 and i am sure you will still be running for many decades😊😊this is a great program for getting started and it is the keeping going after the program that is as big a challenge but keep posting on here as it will keep you on track & help keep al of us motivated! 😊


Well done for getting back on track (sic)


Thank you! I know I didn't actually miss a run, but for me it is all about the mental side - and for a day or so there I was starting to doubt I could do it. It is great to feel supported by everyone here, and to have got my confidence back - can't wait for Friday now!


Well done on getting out there and doing it. It’s tough at this time of year and self belief is all!


So true!

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I can totally get the mental hump..I looked at the run was shocked to see w7 all 25 min runs ...


Goodness me

And I worry I’ll get bored too!

But I am still amazed that I ran 25 mins today...


It is a great sense of achievement isn't it! I guess I am nosy enough not to have to worry about boredom - I enjoy the scenery and do a bit of people-watching as I potter along, and I relish the half hour or so away from my huge to-do list, when I can just think about whatever I want!


It does feel fantastic! I can barely believe I did it ...mostly by the end I’m sort of chanting slow and steady slow and steady ...and praying for sanj to interject with you have 60 seconds to go ....


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