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W5R1 - back on track!

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Ran this today on a beautiful sunny morning, after having to rest a week and then repeat W4 after I got some arthritis pain in the hip. I think it was made worse by running on hard surfaces while on holiday, but now it’s much easier running on grass near the Forest. It was great today - getting into a rhythm - Klop, klop, klop I go, super relaxed and slow. Still enjoying the walking breaks, mind! The happy feeling when you finish is priceless. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks to this forum for all the encouragement 😊

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Good job... keep that rhythm and you’ll have no trouble here. Enjoy run 2

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Well done :) Running on grass is so much milder for joints and so much more pleasurable :) soft and nice :)

I hope you are doing some dynamic stretches before runs and static stretches afterwards.

Enjoy your next run!

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Latecomer in reply to IgaT

Ooo-er IgaT, afraid i’m not! 🙁 i’ve Got the links on my phone but it always seems such a palaver. I guess I should just select 2 or 3 and make it a habit. I’ll give it a go - thanks! Agree btw about the joys of autumn 😊.

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Before run, I'm doing leg swings (front-back & sides), hip circles, knee circles and ankle circles as a minimum.

After run as a must: calf stretch while leaning on the wall, standing quad stretch, and "hanging" hamstring stretch (when you just roll down, while standing, and hang down from waist up) ;)

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Thanks for the tips IgaT - I’ll give them a try next time - sounds easy!

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Latecomer

Start small ;) as with everything else - slow and steady, one step at a time. When you will get a habit of warm up stretches/exercises and cools down stretches, just add one additional at a time, and play around with them ;)


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Thanks IgaT - I like the idea of one at a time. Thanks for all the encouragement! 😊

Now the days are getting colder stretching and exercises before and after are a must. A strain or pulled muscle can essily occur so build it in to your routine. Check out Ian's advice message he sends everyone.

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Oh arthritis is a bummer isn’t it.

It’s gets in my way now and again, but I am determined not to let it beat me.

Now on wk6 run 3

I’ll pay more attention to the exercises now! Don’t want any more missed runs or weeks. Yes, arthritis is a bummer but I don’t want to let it beat me! Or anything else beat me. Thank you everyone ☺️.

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