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Fab run! Week 3 run 1

Still on holiday in Santiago, Chile and decided to go for another run along the river as I really enjoyed the last one. I went up there yesterday, Sunday, to find the main road closed to traffic and the whole 6 lines dedicated to runners, cyclists, walkers and rollerbladers! It was awesome! Hundreds of people and a really great atmosphere. I enjoyed it so much that I totally forgot I was running!! I sort of wished I was at a better level of running just so I could have run further and absorbed more of the feel good that was in the air.

Anyway coming home today and back to chilly Cheshire and a different challenge of running in the cold and around the roads at home.

Hope everyone’s running journeys are going well! Happy running everyone! Xx

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From warm Chile to cool Cheshire, hope the temperature difference doesn't hurt too much.

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