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Week 3 Run 1 Failed ‼️


At the start of couch to 5k I was just running in my house as I was a long hallway due to having really bad mental health problems and being scared to go outside myself so I’ve been running back and forth along that but for week 3 I thought I should try going outside as the runs are getting longer so today I tryed running out side and had to stop after my first run and head back home. I feel like I failed as I’m in the Procession where it’s unsafe to run round about where I live and don’t have access to a gym ect so I feel like I have to end couch to 5k and just stick to walking with a friend whenever she has the time to walk 😭 I’m so said as I really want to be a runner and run 5ks 😓😭

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Running outside is hard! But you can do this. Running has had a massive positive impact on my mental health. You may well have gone off too quickly, plus it’s very warm! You could try running early morning or late evening. Have you got a little block to run around? I used to drive to bike paths and parks to run where I didn’t have traffic so much. Whatever you do, don’t quit or you’ll feel worse than you did before staring,m. Good luck!

Ando_k18 in reply to Tasha99

There’s a park/ big grass square where i live I tryed running thier but I don’t feel safe and that’s the only place I can run


Please don't give up! 🙏 Was it hard physically or mentally?? Either way, I promise it WILL get easier. Running has been fantastic for my mental health and the battles I have had with anxiety. I used this programme to get running again and have since completed lots of races including a half marathon. Adjusting to running outside may take a few runs but you won't regret it. Good luck.👍🙂

Ando_k18 in reply to Sandraj39

Both mentally and physically


Don't end C25K just because you had a bad run, take a few extra days off running and drink plenty of water the day before you restart with run 1 of week 3l.

I fully agree with Tasha99 that if you do quit C25K you will feel worse than before you began the course. 😊 🏃

Ando_k18 in reply to AlMorr

I prefer to run inside myself we’re I feel safe and can stop anytime and grab a drink

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Ando_k18

You can do ALL the weeks and runs of C25K on a treadmill, whether at home or at a gym, in fact if you do it at a gym there will be a supervisor who will help you with your running on the treadmill, tell him/her that you are doing the NHS C25K training course, I'm sure he will help you with your running and you will graduate in around seven weeks time.

Ando_k18 in reply to AlMorr

I don’t have a treadmill or access to a gym


You’ve not failed, you’ve got to week 3 and we all have “training” runs that don’t quite go to plan. Do you have a friend or family member that would like to join you?

Ando_k18 in reply to Sillybilly1

I have my mum that will sometime only go a walk with me then I have my boyfriend that might only go a run with me once a week or twice

GranspeedGraduate in reply to Ando_k18

So if you get them with you on different days, that would be at least twice a week, which would be fine. Your mum might sit on a bench where she could see you running in the park. Or you could run out from her and then turn and run back. (I do this with my husband & he cheers me on 😊) And it sounds as if your boyfriend would be able to keep up, at least for the first weeks while you gain confidence.

Lots of people here have taken lots of extra time and in the end, they’ve got to 30 minutes of running! It’s fine to work out what works for you, and I bet you’ll love it if you can find your way. After all, you did the really hard bit by getting started! 👏🏼

Also, do read the pinned post called FAQs - it’s full of helpful stuff you need to know. Good luck! 😄👍


You didn’t fail. You put your shoes on, you stepped outside. That’s progress. Could you maybe get to a park where you would feel less anxious? Or actually look for a partner to run with on social media?

One thought: get a taxi or bus to somewhere and run home - obv on a route you know well.

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