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Week 3, Run 1 - Complete!


I did it! I braved the wind, the rain and the freezing cold temperatures, wrapped up warm, had a good playlist and off I went on the route I actually planned!

It felt really good to start as well, I did get a stitch on the final 3 minutes but I pushed through it as I was determined not to stop!

Now a days rest and I’ll go again at the weekend.

Thank you for all of your support these last few days, it means a lot and it’s been really helpful!

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Blimey.. well done!!!!! You did it..and on a planned route too!!!!

I was out there too!!! Blinking chilly ! I am out again Sunday... you coming ?

aw1912 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I had a route in my head that I wanted to do, I’m surprised I stuck to it too!

I was wrapped up in thermals, hats and gloves so I was nice and warm, although the wind was tough!

Definitely, that’s the plan anyway! I’ve set a reminder in my phone too so I can’t say no

OldflossAdministrator in reply to aw1912

I am really thrilled that you went out and did that planned route.. Go you!

I thought of you today and hoped you were out there!

aw1912 in reply to Oldfloss

It was a new route too so it was quite nice to run a new one. I’ve been putting it off all day so when the kids went to bed, I put on my shoes and just took off!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to aw1912

Very well done:)

That’s the spirit, we like windy runners..., well the weather kind obvs.


Wonderful! Great job getting out in the weather!


Brilliant...well done 😊 i have just done the same run 😊


Yeeeesss well done, so glad you went! Will be running tomorrow, meself :)


Great job! Flipping windy and every so often an icy blast would cut right through. I was walking the dog though, not running

Go steady now! Go carefully ☝️

Enjoy yourself 👍😃

Just finished wk3, it's the first one I've enjoyed. Wk4 starts Monday. Keep it up, it's an interesting journey.

Well done Adam!

The wind’s a funny thing.

Who’d have thought when it was bad the other day, that I’d plan it so I didn’t have a cross wind! Decided to do a linear route so the wind was either with me or against me. Didn’t like the idea of been pushed sideways!

Just a tadge behind you - Wk2 R3 tomorrow 🙂

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