W2R1 and Headphones!!

First can I just say how helpful this group is already. I’m an empty nester and live alone, so there’s no one to share my progress with when I get back in .... until now that is!!!

So hot of the press..... my body’s still steaming....

Today’s news is that until now, I’ve listened to Jo from my pocket - but what a break through, I’ve used headphones for the first time, sounds much more personal now! And more than that, I had 3 apps running in total - get me, can’t wait to tell my boys about their ‘with it’ mum!! Had Strava to map my run and Spotify with some running music. And the music made such a difference too! Even think my body was moving in a funky way for the final 5 min walk!!

Found the step up to 90 seconds running more enjoyable than the stop/starts of W1. Plantar Fasciitis only slight a problem at the very beginning and at the onset of each new run (a shooting electric/nerve sensation) but only lasted a few seconds, can live with that.

Happy bunny 🙂


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38 Replies

  • Yeay!!! Hi there... :)

    A few of us on Strava... on the C25K club link there too!

    You are doing brilliantly!

  • Thank you, and for listening to me! Is it easy to join it?

  • Look at clubs then do a search. It’s the green nhs one.

  • Thanks Flick, I’ll have a look

  • Hi, just had a look, found the NHS one. But before I join, I looked to see if there was a group for Get Inspired, the BBC one I’m using, doesn’t seem to be, would you know?

  • I dont. I only just looked and joined myself after Oldfloss mentioned it.

  • Ok thanks, I’m joining 🙂😅

  • Me too! We’ll all be on there soon but this is the best forum for support from others!

  • Hello, the BBC app is the NHS plan (just updated as a fancy app instead of the original podcasts with the famous 'Laura') :)

  • Thanks for that 👍

  • Well done - just be careful to keep your wits about you in the dark, I say this cos I apologised to my own shadow tonight when I thought I got too close to somebody!!

  • I did exactly this! I need to get a head torch or something 😂

  • I have never jumped so much😂😂

  • Hahahaha!!!! How very British of you!

  • I will Scott. Maybe tonight you were just a tadge delirious cos you graduated! Well done!

    To be honest, it’s having the headphones in that spooks me about safety, not so much aware if anyone’s behind me

  • Thank you 😬😬😬

  • Sounds just like me... glad there was no one around to see the mad woman 😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • Well done 😊 you are one run ahead of me and one open app ahead of me too 😂

  • Heck, I’m setting the benchmark! So what’s your second app Bridget?

  • Deezer the music one I thought it was free but now I’m not sure 🤣🤣

  • Spotify the free one, is definitely free!!

    Try Strava as well, it maps your run, tells you how far, speed and records and compares to previous runs. I’m using the free version of that too

  • Thank you 😊 I will look for it now and well done again for today 😀

  • Wahay!

  • Good fun, in it?

    Sounds like your just a bit further on than me Steph

  • Absolutely.

    & I think we're going to level out, I had some issues during my w2r3 so sticking to w2 for another run or two. :)

    Sounds like your PF is coping well with the step up?

  • Would seem so 🤞

    Hope your issues are only little ones 🙂

  • Feel free to share ur progress and stories . There’s always someone about to chat to or listen if u need to . Good luck xx

  • Thanks Shelby, getting a sense of that 🙂

  • Love your hair!

  • Why thank you! Wig Wednesday. I work for a cancer charity

  • I would love to be a fly on the wall at your office of a Wednesday :D

  • Its actually only once a year. I’m sure there’ll be wigs for flies too!

  • lol!

  • Well done great when the technology works. Your doing fantastic keep up the good work and enjoy the journey 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍👏

  • Thank you so much. I am enjoying it this time!

  • Hi Lindarunner😊...

    Just want to say well done for starting the program and good luck with your next run...😊xx

    Don't get to hung up on Strava results yet,( I know it's fun to look at ) ... just concentrate on succeeding one run at a time with the plan. Its time that's important at this stage not distance or speed.

    Once you graduate, and you will, you can enjoy working on your stats.

  • This is a great group with lots of support especially from the Mentors. Good luck with your running and keep us up to date with your progress 👍

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