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Just got in from my first run of week two.

It started awfully and after twenty seconds of the first running section I was wondering whether I was cut out for this, but I managed to survive the 90 seconds, and after that everything got back to normal and it was like last weeks cycles. Strangely as the running cycles went on I actually felt stronger, until the final sixth one where I knew I was tired.

2.50 miles on this session, including the two five minute walk parts, which is up from 2.34 on the same amount of time in the first session, where you do a minutes less running, which I think is quite a bit of improvement.

I was running on grass this evening as opposed to a mixture of grass and paths. I am not sure which is easier to be honest, the grass is nice on the knees, but because it goes up and down and is lumpy it affects the ankles a little. We'll see how I fare in the morning :)

I listened to the tip on running gait, but I really struggled to get my heels down first, I think I have a bit of a rolling gait as I have very wide thighs (for a bloke!).

I also had a go at the breathing, but there was no way I could do four left feet with each in or out, so I Will have to leave that until I am a little more comfortable.

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You're doing great Ratcliffe.

Don't worry too much about heel down first, the jury is definitely out on that one (search earlier posts, there used to be a lot of discussion on the topic). I'd keep to your normal gait unless you suddenly start getting lots of injuries and even then they might not be down to your gait, I hope that's a bridge you don't have to cross.


Yes, landing on your heels is no longer the definitive way to run - better to stick with what comes naturally unless it is giving you problems. If you get your gait analysed they will advise on the best shoes to suit your style.

As far as the breathing is concerned I could never get to grips with it until I slowed right down - then the rhythmic and inhaling through the nose became more doable. You seem to be covering a lot of distance for week 2 - maybe consider taking it a bit slower?


I couldn't do four with the breathing either (still can't) but got on ok with In...two...three, Out...two...three, think the important thing is to find a rhythm that you are comfortable with and stick with that until you feel ready to progress to something else. Well done for getting through the session and not giving up at the beginning !!


Well done, you're doing well.

Hope you're enjoying it too :-)


Great work - it does sound as though you are going pretty quickly. Like others, I've found it easier to concentrate on breathing when running/jogging a bit more slowly. Keep going!


Brilliant, but don't worry too much at this stage about foot strike or breathing, they are both contentious issues. Also don't worry about your distance. It is the time spent running that is important. You sound like you are going pretty fast, but if the breathing is difficult, just slow down a bit until it is comfortable. You need to find a sustainable pace, which, for me, is defined by comfortable breathing. If I am puffing hard, then I will tire and not be able to persist at that speed. Keep yourself just below that margin between the two and you will be developing your cardio vascular system efficiently and maximising your speed, which will increase in time.

Running off road is initially more tiring but all those little undulations do strengthen up your ankle muscles and the impact on knees is much reduced.

You will soon see a noticeable improvement in your recovery times and be amazed at your own ability. Good luck and keep us posted.


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