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W2R1....Done :)

Hi all, did first run of week two and actually found those additional 30 seconds of jogging to have an impact and found it more difficult than the 60 seconds of W1...however, will not be beaten...

A question, on my route I have a couple of slightly steep bits (less flat) than most of the route. When I am jogging on these bits I have been feeling a slight ache in my ankles at the front. Is that normal??

Anyway, besides that, wishing you all a warm and happy day :)

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Hi, I can't find any flat routes near me and my ankles hurt a bit (although more of a cramp sensation than an ache). I've tried making sure I don't run on one camber all the time. I've been reading about running form and I suspect I'm heel striking a bit too much....might be worth your while googling this and seeing if it gives you any clues? Anyway, good luck! Alan


Hi Alan,Thanks for your input.. I am actually trying to really focus on not landing on my heels..but will google away and see what I can come up with... :)


Well done, keep up the good work. Can't help with the ankles, as a softy who did weeks 1 to 7 indoors on a treadmill lol! Good luck.


Well done on starting week two, before you know it you will be hooked :-)

Sorry cant help with ankle, recommend a bit of reading and take care


Congrats on week 2 start, sorry about the ankles, have you tried stretching those areas?

A good book is Bob Andersons

Lots of info for various types of activity, it has helped me a lot.

All the best



Thanks Dale...will have a look :)


Interested to hear how you get on as I can't imagine surviving W2 at the mo! Stubbornness wins though so, like you, I refuse to be beaten!

Glad you got good advice regarding your ankle. Happy running!


Hi Blessingway well today did w2r2 and survived :) ankles still a bit achey only during the jogging bit but not terrible and no pain afterwards...W2 much harder than w1 for some reason but no way I'm giving up...I will try stretching a little before the 5 minute warm up walk ... Keep motivated this is what we are here for to keep each other motivated...because there is no sweeter taste than the taste of victory :)


W2R3 Done...But boy did I find week 2 harder...Am now worried about starting week 3 or should I repeat week 2! Any ideas guys??


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