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W8R1 completed in glorious sunshine


Well so glad l waited and ran today. The weather was stunning sun blue sky and was kept company by a crazy squirrel for some of my journey.

Knew what was coming today 28 straight but felt very slow and struggled to get going. At one point thought l might not get this one completed but it then kicked in and l found my mojo and it all ended well 4.8km just short but getting there. Very reflective thoughts on my journey today about this funny old life and what it deals us out but l ran today because l can and there’s a lot who can’t so lm feeling blessed. Night all happy running ❤️👍

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Yay for finding your mojo. The first 10 minutes or so can be quite challenging (the "toxic 10) but more often than not, if you can slow it down (keep it slow?), your body will adjust to the increased oxygen demand and you'll find your groove.

Too fun having some wildlife join you on part of your run. You must've been running without your dog in your pic if the squirrel stayed with you 😆

Wantorun2013Graduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

No l wasn’t 😂don’t take my dogs running it would be chaos both manic springers!! The squirrel just stayed with me for a couple of 100 yards tuning along side till he found an interesting tree all very amusing 😂👍


And what a great reason.. running, because you can :) Very well done.. and crazy squirrel too!


Sounds like a good run and a good pace, well done 👏👏 Almost there 😎

My turn today 🏃🏃

Happy running 🤓

Wantorun2013Graduate in reply to TedG

You too let us know how it goes grim weather today😏👍

TedGGraduate in reply to Wantorun2013

Thanks. It’s dry but overcast here in West Oxfordshire....off out on my run in a bit. 😊🏃

Have a good day 🤓

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