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Goodbye Wk3 - It's been emotional..

If pain = gain, I must have gained last night, knees were sore this morning. I'm finding the runs hard but I recover very quickly. Last night I changed my route completely and ran along the seafront in full view of other people, I'm no longer self conscientious - I'm just a bloke trying to reach a target after all. I used to look at people running and wish it was me, I doubt the dog walkers I passed last night thought the same as I bumbled past wheezing and snorting.

I think I could go faster but my knees are complaining. At the end of each 3rd run I look at the following week with some trepidation and week 4 is no different but come Saturday I will be out there again - it'll take snow, ice or injury to stop me achieving this - and snow ice and injuries don't last for ever....

December 22nd is my target date to graduate - it's getting closer................

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Well done . I know exactly how you feel , but it does get better . Just finished week 8 . It does get better

Go you, You'll be a graduate by Christmas. Keep up the good work.

I'm feeling a bit like that at the end of week 2! Despite the aches though I know that 2 weeks ago I couldn't have done what I did today!

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Stick with it, week 3 looks difficult but it's not that bad. The first run might hurt a bit but I honestly found run 3 OK and in some strange perverse way I'm looking forward to week 4 already.

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Yep I agree week 3 looks scary but there are a number of us on here that have managed it just this week and so will you.

Hearing you there. Taken me 4 weeks to complete week 2 after starting again following an injury. Dreading week 3, but it's only another run right?

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Just don't ignore ice! That is the one condition where most of us do not run..( Think Bambi) !

But... very, very well done... :) Keep it steady and slow.. you may think about going faster... just don't do it! Slow is great, slow is good, slow gets you to the most amazing places.

Each run makes you stronger, each week building your strength and stamina up!

Put in some exercise on rest days too... try these for your knees..

Stretch after every run too...

Seaside running great.. I am at the Coast for a few days and love it..:) Go you!

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Thank you very much for the knee exercises - they will become part of my day now. I try to stretch before and after but I find them boring (late onset adhd perhaps lol)....

As for the seafront - the change of scenery definitely helped me last night, my previous runs have been on unlit country lanes so having an albeit dark view last night was good - I did catch my shadow on the streetlights a few times and was shocked to see I don't run like an olympic athlete anymore, I thought I was being followed by Ron Moody in Oliver!

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Love it... but you do those stretches... boring they may be, necessary, they are :)

"Do or do not...there is no try"

But if you, do not.. you will be sorry:)

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i finished week 3 last night too. I was on a high and felt as if i could have gone on running, and wished i could run again today. This morning I'm knackered and my bad knee has a bit of swelling - I think because I used a lighter support than normal (shan't do that again). So, go us, onwards and upwards...

Well done! I’ve also just finished Week 3 tonight. Monday’s run was hard but felt much better today. Week 4 looks scary though as seems a big step but I’ll give it a go!

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No, no, no - not really scary- it's an illusion!

You will be fine, the program takes you one step at a time.

I made a firm decision at about your stage not to look ahead and scare myself. I just went out with Laura each time and followed the instructions.

Good luck for next week- let us know how you get on. 😄

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I’ve just finished Week 5 and loving it. Bring on week 6 😋

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Nice one!! Beware W6R1 - it's a bit of an animal despite looking like an easy one............

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... not for everyone- that was my favourite run out of the entire program- because I knew that I could do it & went out feeling confident. 😄

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