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W5R3 - it's been emotional

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Well back to work today after the four day break and the sun decided to come out.  I woke up in the night in a slight panic about this run, having dreamt that the app stopped working and I was forced to just keep running forever!  Anyway, I was psyching myself up for this run all day but felt pleased about the blue skies, that was until around 4pm when the rain came again.  I almost, almost talked myself out of going out but decided to go for it, and went for the harder option of running on the coast.  Wind and rain be damned!

I must have had a premonition because I had app issues (I use Runmeter but think it was user error...) so had to keep checking the time.  The rain stopped after about 10 minutes and the sun came back out, lighting up the puddles on the beach.  It did feel hard but comfortably hard if you know what I mean.  At times my legs felt very heavy and breathing a bit laboured.  But - I did it!!  At one point I even ran with my arms outstretched, feeling the wind all around me.  I must have looked like a loon to the passing commuter traffic but I was past caring.  Celebrated with a steak back home and now I am high on mini eggs.  Three hours later and I don't feel dreadful, so that's progress 😃.

Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support, it has meant a lot.  For anyone struggling in the early weeks please don't get disheartened.  It has taken me six months, but I AM NOW READY FOR WEEK 6!!!! 😜

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Great stuff! Well done you! 😀

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Woop Woop - go Lisa!!  I think looking like a loon at least once in this journey is some sort of rule :)  I had no idea you've been at this for 6 months already - that makes your determination and achievements even more impressive.  You're a superstar and a runner now baby - yeehah!

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LisaRose74 in reply to barmybint

Thanks Barmy, it's certainly been a roller coaster journey so far! 

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barmybintGraduate in reply to LisaRose74

Who doesn't love a roller coaster?  Scream if you wanna go faster!!

Well done. Is it southport beach by any chance that you are running?  

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LisaRose74 in reply to

Yep it certainly is!

Fantastic LisaRose. Thats a huge acheivement. 😀 Well done and good luck with Week 6. You are on the home straight now. 

Fantastic post. You are obviously as bonkers as I am. Love it that you are well on your way.  😜😀

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It sounds wonderful!!!! Well done you...steak great..mini eggs..not sure!!!!

What is a little wind and rain anyway!!!

Week 6... Here you come :)

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Oh Lisa ... I'm so happy for you after your struggles :-) Many congratulations for finally getting W5R3 done, and with no problems either - brilliant!! 

 I *knew* you'd do it - I could tell from your Week 4 posts that you'd learnt from previous experiences. You've shown great discipline and sense in leaving the TomTom at home . 

You fully deserve that steak and mini eggs :-)

Now for week 6 which a lot struggle with. W6R3 won't be the problem - it's the stop/start of R1 and R2 after the high of W5R3 that some people have difficultly with. Maybe *you* won't!

I didn't realise you were in Southport... I assumed Blackpool. I'm not far away - the Wirral. 

Anyway, congrats again!

John :-)

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LisaRose74 in reply to John_W

Thanks John, I have definitely learned a lot in recent weeks and I am still leaving the watch at home, I find I panic less without it.  And yes, 'sunny' Southport! 😄

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Yay, well done Lisa, that's bloody brilliant :-)

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Lovely post and I love the image of you running with your arms outstretched! (Have to admit I have done that too!) Well done for completing w5 a good luck with week 6!

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Fantastic! What an inspiration you are. 2 runs behind you so it's great for me to get an idea of what's coming up. Sounded a tough beach run in the weather! Xxx

That's brilliant Lisa. Many congratulations to you. Your determination has paid off and you conquered the biggie! Really well done.

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