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Goodbye w8 it's been emotional


First time ever and because I was determined to finish w8 I was up early for a pre-work gym visit for w8r3. Great run, stronger than r2 upping the pace with 10 minutes to go as allowed by Laura

Strange thing was halfway through and feeling good and strong I got strangely emotional - really! A tear in my eye - not sure if it was the sense of achievement or the fact that I'm really gonna miss the structure of this program, miss Laura, miss the support of this community - anyway - genuinely emotional

So I'm looking forward to graduation week - I'll be an emotional wreck at the end. And i'm trying to decide whether to make my graduation run my first Parkrun or defer that pleasure until after a little consolidation

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Great run. Had a few of those moments on my journey too. Laura may go, but the community remains, and there's bridge to 10 k and one for marathon training and running on here, with a lot of names you'll be familiar with... so we can continue to help and support.

awww I had a tear in my eye even reading that. Hope you enjoy your last week (even if it is through misty eyes)


I can relate to those feelings. Great job. Only 3 runs to go until the end of the beginning. Oh and thanks for letting me slipstream.


Do parkrun. Even if you decide after 30 minutes you're done you can still say you did 5k if you walk the remainder.

I promise you that you won't be the only one walking! 😸

Hello Week9😸


OK Katnap I will. I've been registered for ages but updated my running club today to NHS couch to 5 k 😊. Proud to run under that banner.

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