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W1R3 Run report and Joint statement by Mind and Body

Morning all.

Really cold this morning - Body wanted to stop in bed for a while longer but persuaded it get going. Motivation ok however Body muttering on about it will be cold out there. Body requested gloves and hat so obliged by getting then out the car. Weather report Light cold breeze, low sun so mainly exercising in the shade. Warm up ok, Told body to try a light slow jog for 60 secs. Body agreed in principle - could not be guaranteed. Successfully completed but negative feedback from body. Assured body that I would not ask for that again and next time try 60sec shuffle. Body reluctantly agreed. Told body to go for second segment even though Body not fully fully rested from initial run. Body complained after 30 secs of slight pain in / near left rib and lower leg muscles waking up saying "What the hell is going on here!". Due to impending leg muscle walkout - Body let them go about their normal walking business and promised to issue more notice in future if they were needed to up their game.

Recovery from segment to much better - Remembered (after feedback from body) previous lessons and reduced expectations to focus on consolidation - simply getting out and doing a bit more exercise. Body supports this approach and will endeavour to send the appropriate feedback as required.



Morning all

Do I have to get up? Hmm. Tanks emptied, refuelled with 40g shredded wheat and half a banana + milk. Cup of tea. PPE installed - Requested additional gloves and hat - installed. Buds in off we go.

Warm up requested - completed all systems nominal. 1st segment 60 slow jog requested - 50% effort engaged. Start + 30s - Dull ache / pain in near rib area - noted - effort maintained. Start +45s Lungs request diaphragm to assist in breathing effort - all ok. Segment complete - legs resting - lungs at 65% capacity during recovery. Breathing recovery not complete when request for next run segment. Subtle hint sent to Mind.

Segment 2 request - short stride, don't lift feet high from pavement, take off using balls of feet and land on heels rather than flat foot. Attempted - lots of negative feedback from lower leg muscel groups. Lungs quite happy at the slower pace. Returned to brisk walk to avoid leg muscle riot. Mind not happy but informed to wind its neck in!. (my job really). Workout completed at a agreed pace. Apology received from Mind about being carried away by some guy called Dopamine.

Yes I said - Dope indeed!



===Joint statement===

Take it EASY!!! - Mind agrees to remember this for next time, but admits no wrong doing. Body agrees to to provide feedback as required and investigate this Dope who has started to join in the session without an invitation.

Mind and Body.


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😂 cracking. well done Joes mind & body. granola bars, I wolf one of those down with a brew before a run.

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Lol, that's hilarious!!

Seriously though, you did it! Well done, that's week one ticked off :) How do you feel now?

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We feel pleasantly surprised - but will redo week1 until we can complete it comfortably. Biggest lesson learned is take it slow :-)

Good luck with your knee.


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Thanks Joe :-) I wouldn't worry too much about repeating, the program is designed with the rest days, which as well as giving you a rest also give the microtears which occur when muscles are doing things they ain't used to, to repair, which actually builds stronger muscle as I understand, this preparing you for slightly longer runs.

One other thing, if it feels like you can't complete a run, just slow down. I know you know this, but trust me, I've been there, and it really works!

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Hilarious 😂😂😂


I thought so too. Keep up your good progress!



Great progress! Be prepared to astound both mind and body over the next few weeks!


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