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5k2couch or Mind over Body who will win

Well it has taken til today for my body to stop aching after my first 5k

My body wishes I had completed the c25k first before attempting a 5k ,which is why I put 5k2c in heading.

My mind is so excited that I had a go , be it walkiing most of it and coming in last.

My body is wondering if It will be up to another 5k this weekend.

My mind is already thinking about getting new trainers and such clothing needed for winter running.

My body is walking round the shops to ward off the aching.

My mind wishing I could run as fast as I can spend money proving to myself it will be worth it.

Such is life................keep on rolling .............stop and smell the flowers while you can.

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Hi... I am assuming you have completed C25K... ? :)


No not yet got to w5d1 and was off ill for a month or so. So I started back to the beginning and am now today going to do w4d1

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Maybe then, just a suggestion.. start to slow up a bit and run less far... :)

I see what you were about, but maybe now, take a rest.. and then just take it slow and steady to the end of the programme ?

I, but this is me.. would not do another 5K yet, and do some strength and flex to ease those aching muscles. Another spell on the IC, would not be a good thing...( no retail therapy for a start, unless online :) use your rest day to plan what you are going to buy too though... lots of sales on currently :)

Think like a snail for while...the cheetah bit can come later ? :)


Wow, I can't imagine attempting to run 5K before I'd started this programme. No wonder you're aching. Hope it wears off soon. :-)


I would advise you stick to the programme and build up gently towards your next 5k. Better to take it steady and avoid the injury couch - not a fun place to be.


It's funny how this programme can lead to retail therapy!!! I 'treated myself' to a fluorescent orange running shower proof jacket after week five, and when I get to the end of week nine, I intend to treat myself to a c25k graduate tee shirt!!! Well done for getting outside and joining the Parkrun - you are a braver woman than I!!! Hope you're not too achey as a result. Stick with the program, and your mind will definitely know it's been worth it when you Graduate!!!


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