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Boldly gone - W1R2 - Mind V Body


Strange thing happened this morning - I'll try and just summarise...

M=Mind B=Body....

6:20 While snoozing in bed... M I'm looking forward to my second run.. B What? I thought you hated it - Have another 5 mins in bed.

6:25 M Mental prep for the run completed - feeling excited / anticipation for the run. B Feeling excited too - Mind and body in agreement - (thats a first). Up we get.

Quick breakfast, wave off my better half to work - Fitbit on wrist, C25k app started, GPS enabled, Fitbit run started, Buds in, Hat on, Gloves on and off we go.

Warm up fine - first few step of jog (shuffle really) - knee twinge, slowed to walk, tried again - all ok

Shuffled for 40 secs and ran out of puff - slowed to recovery, did some belly breathing to increase the air intake (rather than just the chest stuff).

Still a little puffed to start second segment - jogged for 20 secs - M Suprised how quickly I went back to a stroll - B Dont push it! - this IS the first day you've tried to jog! (Don't forget about all those extra tubs of lard you are carrying around.) Point made.

3rd segment - M Try a slow jog for 30secs - B ok....10 secs later back to toddle. Body says - don't set me a target - just go with the flow. M agrees.

4th segment - M+B going with the flow in tandem (hmm wish I was on one) - So Jogged a few steps walked a few steps and repeated for the minute duration with any complaint from M+B.

Continued for the remain segments.

***** Lessons learned w1r2 ******

Its ok to be enthusiastic - this is the "new" you

Don't push too much! take it easy! Listen to the advice!

Breathing deeper and slower (after run)

Feels great to be out in the environment - rather than the house or the gym.

Push in your buds a bit further and you can't really hear all the cars thats distracting your focus.

Turn around point appeared quicker today (must be enjoying this) Time flies rule..

So a good second run with thanks to C25K friends for the support.

I hope you've all had a good run or rest day today.

Joe (feeling ever so slightly smug with himself)

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Brilliant! Great progress! Get that mind and body talking to each other more, might find they ultimately want the same things! 😁

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Theres always hope!


There is! I'd definitely second rignold's suggestions though, especially the safety one. In my enthusiasm early on I also didn't consider safety and got a shock when I realised how blasé I'd been about road crossing etc. with headphones in. Only run with one in now, unless I'm only in the park and it's empty.

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A couple of suggestions:

1.) have breakfast when you come back not before. Everything will be much easier

2.) dont push the earbuds in. You will do your ears no favours and being able to hear what is going on around you is important for safety

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Hi Joe

I'm at the same stage as you, although I don't have to get out of bed early to do the run. I have a 2 day gap since the last run so tomorrow morning will be run3. I do recognise a lot of the comments you made especially the one about feeling smug!! I'm actually looking forward to ticking off each run . I hope I'm not being presumptious. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi - yes we should compare notes - Initial aim is for 1 60sec slow jog :-)


I'm exactly the same as you. Carry more than a few pounds. First run was terrible and I didn't manage anything more than 30 seconds but was really struggling after 10 seconds. I attempted r2 yesterday and it went better,managed 6x45secs 1 x30 secs and to my great satisfaction I did a 60 sec run. I'm not naive to think there won't be set backs but I'm sure you can do kt


Well done. Really pleased 4 u. I'm on a quick walk program until I get the weight off. Lost 1/2 stone in the past couple of weeks I'm sure we'll both get there :-)

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That's s great 1st aim and I'm sure you will get there as you sound a determined man...take it slow and steady it's not a race...i remember well those 1st few efforts to jog for 60 secs being a very painful experience but you will amaze yourself how quickly you progress...good luck to you

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I absolutely love this post..!!

Really, really well done - you've made a cracking start.

My M & B are about as 'together' as my A & E (A = Arse, E = Elbow) 🙄

I can't do morning running (morning 'anything', to be honest), so I run after work before dinner. However, I do need a pre-run banana or an apple or I'd definitely be keeling over 🙈

Keep up the good work, slow and steady (and remember Slow = Sloth) 😉


Well done Joe, sounds like you’re all fired up, keep at it and keep us posted.

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Ha great post 😀 and yes thank young trainers are so comfy

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Yes, banana & a drink before morning run is good, then happy smug breakfast after! 😄

Great start Jo - you have determinedly embarked on something which has the potential to be life changing in many good ways. 😃


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