W6R3 completed! :)

Hey guys/gals,

Is this the point where I can actually say I'm a runner? Laura seems to think so! :)

I know I have not completed the whole of the C25K plan and graduated yet, but I've not long got back home after going out and successfully completing this run and it was a full 25 minute non-stop run (after the 5 minute warming up walk). I know that all of the upcoming runs are of a similar length of time, and I won't be getting the luxury of any more walks in between them to break up the self-inflicted torture! So, if I've managed this one, then surely I can manage another 5 minutes more over the coming 3 weeks, right? :)

I'm not saying it was easy. Far from it! When Laura announced I had done 12 and half minutes and was half way through, it actually filled me with dread to think I still had another 12 and a half to do!! But I continued to plop one leg in front of the other (and vowed to myself I would continue to do this until my body actually gave way or my legs stopped working).

Overall I am very happy with how the run went. Yes, I had heavy leg syndrome again, but it seems I only really felt that when I had a slight incline to run up. I also had a few moments where I was panting again (like in the first week), but again I think that was while I was struggling up slight inclines. I tried to make my route as level as possible but I was actually running on a route I had not planned or done before, so a few slight inclines were unavoidable. I also recovered my breathing pretty quickly too which I'm happy about.

I'm obviously chuffed I got through my run today, but the thing I am really happy about the most about today's run is 1 minute before the end of the 25 minutes, Laura announced I had just 60 seconds left and if I felt ok I could up the pace to the end, so that's what I did. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a sprint to the finish and in fact it was probably hardly noticeable to any onlookers, but I did make an effort to up the pace slightly without making myself collapse in a heap! :D


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36 Replies

  • Way to go Lee - I'm very proud of you and yep you should feel proud of yourself too!! 9 more runs to graduation, then we can polish our shiny badges together :-)

    With ya all the way buddy - you can do this xx

  • Thanks very much dereham-girl. :)

    Yeah, I seem to be into the serious stuff now, eh? Oh lord, what a scary thought! :D x

  • If I can do it, so can you Lee337 ! You're doing great :)

    I know exactly how you feel but you will survive and it will become easier with time. I remember feeling like every run was going to kill me!

    Keep at it, we're all cheering you on :)

  • Oh I like to hear that

  • :D

  • Thank you for your encouraging words SlowWorm2016. I will get there...I don't know when, but I will get there! :D

  • Well done. :) Keep going - the end is in sight!

  • Crikey! You must have damn good eyesight!! :D

    Thanks anyway RainbowC! :)

  • Go Lee go! You have come a very long way, and yes, you've got this far so you can definitely get to graduation and beyond. Keep on enjoying the success, the shiny badge is in sight 🏃🏻👟😃

  • I look forward to that day when I can show off my shiny new badge! :D

    Thanks Millsie-J. :)

  • Yep... you are it is official.. and if Laura says, you know it is true! Did you do an air punch or a little dance, many of us do.. or squeal?

    Forget the sprint finish... you are there.. you can do this and you will do this...honestly, have I fibbed to you before ?

    Well done you... you are a runner. now all you do is run to that podium in a few weeks time :)

  • Thanks again Oldfloss. :)

    No, I don't think you've lied to me before...you may have teased me once or twice (treacle legs! ;) lol) but I don't recall you telling me lies.

    As for doing an air punch or little dances...well, I don't think I had the energy for that sort of thing...maybe later! ;)

  • Well done!!

  • Thank you ju-ju- :)

  • Isn't it a fabulous feeling? 25 minutes! Seriously well done. Onto week 7 - that was my favourite week and I still use it now. You're going to ace it! :)

  • Hope you're right McFitty and thanks! :)

    Yes, it feels great (now that I'm back home! lol)

  • Well done!! That is amazing. I'm one run behind - just finished W6R2 but am finding it hard to believe that the next run is possible for me - but your post is very encouraging.

  • Thanks africanali :)

    You will be alright mate, you haven't failed yet have you? You know you can do 20 minutes because you already have done so, and a lot of us on the plan have struggled with week 6 (I nearly failed my w6r1 don't forget!) As long as you've successfully completed all the runs beforehand, you will complete run 3, trust me.

  • I know sometimes you feel like choking Laura if we could get our hands on her !!! Yet again well done that's another week done for you can you believe it 💪🏻😜😤🍀

  • Thanks Cuig1975. :)

    I know, I can hardly believe that only a few weeks ago I was puffing and panting while struggling to run for 60 seconds!! :D

  • Superb, it feels great to know (and feel) you're runner now, does it? Imagine that. I still remember you struggling in week 3 doubting yourself and questioning everything. Yet here you are on smooth ride to week 9. 👍

  • Thanks ench0. :)

    Yeah, I was certainly doubting myself and my abilities, but like you say, I have got this far and it's only really a matter of more or less repeating this run a few more times for a few weeks and I'll be crossing the finishing line...I don't know about the smooth ride bit though! ;)

  • You're finished with intervals now, it's just constant running till the end, adding few minutes each week. But week 7 or 8 might be tricky if you try too hard. Keep it slow and steady.

  • Will do. Thanks! :)

  • Well done😊😊you must be so chuffed with yourself!! Only 3 weeks left! wow you will be running 30mins before you know it🏃🏃🌟keep going il be looking out for that graduation badge Mr runner 😊Phyllis

  • Thanks Phyllis and well done on your graduation by the way! :) x

  • Thanks😊x

  • Well done, that's a great run! W7 here you come!

  • Thanks for that Tailsmo. :)

    Week 7 here we come, indeed! :D (That really sounds weird...week 7 already, wow!)

  • Well done! I'm just behind you!

  • Thanks! So, does that mean I need to speed up? ;)

  • Well done! and congrats at officially being a runner :) Not long til you will graduate and you've proved to yourself you can do the long runs.

  • Thanks debze :)

    Yeah, it's amazing looking back to the first few weeks to think I struggled with running for 60 seconds, and here I am now at the start of week 7 running for 25 minutes without any stopping! :D

  • Well done. I remember this run well. If you can do that run you're sorted all the way to graduation. Week 7 is the same as what you've just done if I remember rightly, just remember if you've done it once you can do it again, just go slow and steady and pace yourself. Then the week after is only 3 more minutes - I thought of it as a minute and a half extra in the first half of the run (not too bad) and the same again in the second half. Then once you've done that week, it's just 2 minutes added on in graduation week. Then who knows where your legs will take you! You'll be unstoppable :D

  • Thanks for that. 😊

    Yeah, it's quite a daunting thought, to think I get no more walking 'breaks' in between my runs from now on. But I've already proved to myself I can do it, so it's just a case of sticking with it, staying nice and steady until completion. 👍

  • I didn't miss the walking bits as much as I thought I would. In fact I'd say that by the time I got to that point I found it harder to get going again after a short rest than if I just carried on.

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