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W6R3 Done and One year weight loss anniversary!

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My body didn't really feel like running today, my legs are a bit sore from the other days in week 6 and I really probably should've taken an extra rest day but I really wanted to do the 22 minute run today.

Today is significant for me because it marks the one year anniversary of my weight loss journey - about 90 lbs down. Due to the significance of today I thought it would be fitting to do the 22 minute run, something I have never done in my whole life and definitely would not have been able to do on this day last year!

I ran today on a different path that wasn't as flat as I was used to and was running into the wind a lot too. My legs were sore to begin with and the first half was really hard, the second half a little easier after my legs warmed up but very challenging overall.

I'm feeling somewhat reflective of my journey today so I'm glad I pushed through and did it even if my body wasn't in the mood to run today. :) I look forward to a couple rest days before beginning week 7 though.

Happy Running!


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Goodness me-really well done. Inspirational for anyone looking to loose weight and hanging on in there for the long haul. It makes my struggle with 28 pounds insignificant.

As for the running really fantastic for putting yourself out there-you are nearly there-only a few weeks and they really do zip by.

So a salute of respect to you.xx

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What an amazing achievement, and an enduring one at that! You haven't simply shed a few pounds and started trotting ... You have seriously, totally changed your life! Supremely well done to you, you should be justifiably proud and happy ... and, I imagine, you are now able to see a different, healthy, long life ahead of you. Perhaps one day you will feel brave enough to post some 'before and after' pics? Your story of endurance and success would be an inspiration to so many, and now you are a runner too! Absolutely wonderful, amazing, awesome! Enjoy your last few long runs with head held high, smiling and knowing that you have spent a year 'conquering demons' ... And WON!

So, so happy for you, Linda x

Well done! You are a true inspiration. I, too, am trying to lose weight and have just started C25K (going our for run 2 of week 1 later). Through yours, and posts like it, I have finally accepted that the only one stopping me from succeeding is me! Thank you.

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Amazing! Well done. All of us here are making changes, it is hard sometimes but brings so many benefits that it is worth the short term pain. I think this post sums it up. Well done & keep at it!

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Fantastic!! you should be very proud of yourself. Keep it up.

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WOW, congratulations on your achievement you RUNNER. AMAZING.

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Fantastic - well done on weight loss, and getting fit with C25k - many congratulations - keep it up. The running will 'tone' you - take some measurements so that you can see where.

And, yes, the blog is really inspirational x

WELL DONE. That is so impressive; you should feel incredibly proud of yourself. Good luck for the rest of the program

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well done on your great weight loss thats fantastic and good luck with your running in the next few weeks graduation not far away x

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Thank you everyone for all of your very kind comments, you made my day! :)

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Well done, you are a real inspiration! You must have truckloads of willpower and determination. Run proud!

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