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W4R1 Nearly Faltered - Did I miss a week?

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Had a few obstacles at the start of my walk and first run; in the form of bin men, recycling trucks and bins. The pain in my hip seemed excruciating on the initial run, as it always does, but settles a little as keep going. I'm sure I jog with a limp. Well 5 minutes felt almost impossible and a huge jump from W3. I think perhaps it was partly due to the being seen embarrassment. Tried to make the most of enjoying the sunshine but greatly preferrd the walking parts!

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Hey Dizzic

I have recently struggled with some hip pain (that continued on the days I was not running. :-(

You could try some gentle, targeted stretching exercises for the area. This one helped me a lot:


I am now pain free in the hip, and have started some exercises specifically to strengthen my hips. Since graduating, it has become really clear to me that I have to work on strengthening my body to enable it to run as injury free as possible! Yep, took 9 weeks for the penny to really drop...

Well done on finishing week 4! Onwards and upwards and mostly forwards!

Sadie-runs x

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Great advice and the video link is helpful. I'll give extra stretches a shot. :)

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You’re doing brilliant though...& don’t be bothered about being seen, you may have inspired the binmen into a new style of bin emptying...running the round!!! I hope your hip is ok? Have you seen a doc about it? Running in an ache is ok but running on pain should be avoided 😖

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Cheers Mummycav. No I haven't seen the doc...I've been contemplating the chiropractor as my hip ached before I started C25k...I haven't seen the chiro for a few years now though, as it's so expensive but I know it normally does the trick for my neck and back. I figure the weight strain doesn't help. I'm going try more stretches before setting off and take Sadie-runs tip.

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Lizzj in reply to Mummycav

Most bin men won't run. They walk approx 10 miles per day as it is. But normally, they'll move out of your way

Well done, you kept going! I know what you mean about being seen, but surely we should be proud of making a positive change. (I know, easier said than done!) Good luck for the next one. Enjoy the rest day, you've earned it.

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Boaty

Thanks Boaty, yes I know I should be...but it's that feeling ridiculous jogging, sorry make that shuffling, at a pace slower than a walk! We will get there!

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Seriously, feeling uncomfortable due to other people being about can really affect your run - if you are that way inclined.... when something makes me feel that way, I become acutely conscious of absolutely everything, feet slapping on the pavement, the way I run, my wobbly bits hanging out, wobbling too much etc. My breathing gets really bad - uneven and tight, I feel out of breath, unable to breathe properly. Everything feels ten times worse. I think I need to have that part of my brain removed!!! It would be lovely not to think twice about it. One day!! Well done for carrying on inspire of that. Keep at it, it will get better.

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Fishypieface

Yep that about sums it up. In the end I went up an down a back lane they hadn't reached yet. Note to self to time it better next Wednesday!

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You’re at the same stage as me I just completed W4R1 as well and I really enjoyed this run, I have issues with feeling embarrassed too, my way of dealing with this is to go running very early in the morning (6am) when there are very few people up and about and I put my favourite music on and just block out the outside world, I loose myself in the moment I’m hoping to overcome these issues when I start going to the gym, keep going don’t let other people put you off you’re doing great x

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you Tracey. It's nice to find a few folks at the same stage. I hope to feel more confident as my stamina improves....I so want to stick at it.

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Have you had your feet checked to ensure you dont need any stability shoes ? I noticed my left leg was tiring quicker and my hip was sore. I went to a goods sport shop who took pictures of my feet in a few different poisitions, they said i had high foot arches and an over pronation of my left ankle !!! Have ordered some new stability running shoes, hoping this makes a difference excited !! Xx

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DIZZICGraduate in reply to che33

I've read a little on this...wow the running bug must be taking hold. You'll see in another post that I dug out an old pair of trainers. They appear to have greater arch support and the pain is a great deal less. It seems at its worst when I cross the leg over when sitting....but boy is that a hard habit to stop!

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