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Week 7 - nearly finished!

Hi All - not sure where my post went for Run 1 which I did Monday but can't find it on here. Have a bit of a head cold but decided to go for it on Monday to see how far I got and I managed it ok.

Run 2 this morning and the cold is now more on my chest and I'm coughing away. So I wouldn't recommend running whilst sucking a throat lozenge (I did fear choking :)) but it really helped and kept the nose passages unblocked as well! All good and I mixed my playlist up a little as well so I had that to entertain me.

So week 7 progressing well - run 3 scheduled for Saturday. I'm going to have a go at speeding up a little as well - consistently running at 4.5mph so I am going to try and up that to 5mph as much as I can manage anyway as I feel my stamina is getting pretty good.

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RUN :-) SUE :-) RUN!!!!! You are doing great, yucky cold and all! Try to get some rest so you will be well and rested for that very near future grad week! :-) Gayle


crikey!! even in sickness you're whizzzzzzzzing through!! well done Sue!!

going to be seeing a graduation badge before you know it!

keep on going but dont push yourself too far that you do yourself an injury. thats the last thing we want.

:-) ali


Well done, you are whizzing through the programme. Hope the cough gets better before your next run, you will be graduating before you know it!!


Thanks everyone. Not sure if running with the aid of a throat lozenge is classed as taking performance-enhancing drugs or not!! LOL.

Not running until Saturday now so hopefully that will be enough time for this cold to start to clear. Although Mr Sue has now gone down with it - but of course its Flu and not a Cold and is much, much worse! :)


Wonderfully done, Sue!! You are making easy work of this program!! While your progress is impressive, I am much more amazed with your ability to run with a lozenge in your mouth!! With my typical coughing and wheezing, I would have sucked it down my throat instantly!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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