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W9R1 : Did I miss something on Week 8?

Given that I know nothing about running, or to be precise everything I know, Laura has told me, I kind of wonder how the following has happened.

At some point in Week 8, Laura must have said, albeit subliminally,

"You are doing really well. At this point you might like to try running in a John Cleese style. 'A la Ministry of Funny Runs'".

I say this, because I seem to have adopted this technique of running with my right foot pointing out slightly. Not much, just enough so my ankle hurts now.No idea why I am doing this, I never did before. I only noticed why my ankle hurt today, and when I straightened up it was fine (aches now though!).

This is so annoying. I have suffered with aches and pains as my legs adjust, but for the past two weeks I have been just fine. Now this in Week 9. I shall not be defeated.

Two more runs to go. :-)

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Oh dear' this did make me chuckle though. In sure you'll get back out the habit. I get still shoulders on runs and the only way I can relax them is to "go a bit phoebe" - swinging them round etc. felt a but silly at first, now just go for it!


Like you I am now beyond worrying what people think I look like. I just try to make damn sure when I pass someone I have enough breath to say 'Morning'. Good practise I think, one day I may need to say 'call an ambulance' :-D


Ha ha ha oh dear you've got me giggling with that one :-)


I dread to think what I look like when I run - I try not to think about it! I might "go a bit phoebe" on my graduation run though - just for fun! :)


Shop windows are bad for this. I try really hard not to look at myself.


I run towards a bus stop on my usual route so I avert my eyes at this point! :)


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