Slightly Nervous C25K Newbie

Hi, I have always dreamed of being able to run. I have recently lost a lot of weight (approx 5 stone) and feel now the time is right to give it a go, plus I'm 50 in a few months.

I am Type 1 Diabetic for approx 25 years so always worry about bloods dropping etc while running. This has been another excuse for not going for it. Recently completed DAFNE course and know that running is completely achievable and it is me that is stopping myself.

We'll I have started and I have done my first two runs. My dog came with for one of them but today I was very brave and went on my own.


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  • Welcome aboard! You have chosen a great way to take up running and this forum is a fantastic place to come for support. You will meet others who are starting out as well as those who have completed the programme and are taking their running in different directions. Lots of encouragement and advice here and it's a really accepting place to be. Good luck with the programme, take it slow and don't be afraid to repeat runs if you don't feel ready to move on at any time. Happy running.🙂

  • Thank you Sandra. Been reading various posts and like the fact that people are posting they are repeating run weeks. That has given me confidence x

  •'s your journey🙂

  • You've done the most courageous part: starting the programme. So be proud of yourself already for achieving the first 2 runs! I did repeat some runs in week 2 or 3 and also have had 2 rest days rather than one just making sure I did the three runs within 8 days. And see, I've forgotten which week was the most difficult! I'm finishing week 8 on Tuesday. I'm just going to repeat what every experienced runner on the forum advises: slow down if you feel tired but keep on running.

  • Well done and welcome to c25k no more dreaming of becoming a runner, following this programme and with the support of all the wonderful people on here you will achieve your goal 👍

  • Thank you 😊

  • Well done, and welcome! I’m planning to take my dog with me at some point too. At the moment I’m so slow I think he’d get a bit bored though! ;-D

  • Mine was a very very slow shuffle 🐌 🐌 . Dog would like to go faster, ain't going to happen yet though lol x

  • Don’t be nervous! You’re clearly a v determined person to have achieved such fabulous weight loss and completed DAFNE! Welcome to our little (40,000 strong?) group! I’m about to start W8, but I started a lot more than seven weeks ago, but no matter- I don’t fret! Sometimes I’ve had to repeat sessions because I didn’t feel ready to move up, other times it’s simply that life got in the way of doing three sessions a week! Whatever I’ve done or been feeling, I’ve always found other folks in a similar boat whenever I’ve logged in- it’s very reassuring!

  • You certainly have the C25K Spirit :)

    I really like this post :)

    Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

  • Happy running. You'll be great and your dog will love it too.

  • Well done! You'll be surprised how easy it is to follow c25k & you'll soon be running longer & further!

  • Wow! Well done on the weight loss - an amazing achievement and I know how hard that is. Like you I always wanted to be a runner. This programme is amazing and you WILL get there. Every run is an achievement whether it’s a new run or one you want to repeat. Just keep plugging away and you will make it.

  • Hello! Reading your post was amazing as I have also recently lost a lot of weight (3 and 1/2stone), also type 1 forever (38 years) and also just started couch to 5k! We could be twins! I’ve just finished wk5 run 3! I’m enjoying the ability of being able to run although do find the running itself a bit dull... Anyway, good luck with the running and we can do this! Certainly a lot easier now we are a fair bit lighter!!

  • lol, keep up the good work "twin" ☺

  • Welcome! Wow, you have already made a huge achievement losing those 5 stones- as a member of SW I know that's life changing.

    The determination that you have already shown will be right there to see you through C25K. It is a great program- little steps carefully designed to take you through into all the many benefits of running. Go slow, gentle and relaxed and you will be wowed by how you are doing. Let us know how you are getting on so we can cheer for you! 😁

  • Thank you, got to admit I am hoping the extra exercise will keep the weight at bay. I attend SW but at the moment I am finding it difficult to keep losing the weight, in fact I have put on the last few weeks. I have taken the weight loss journey very slowly and I think the c25k will be the same slow burner. x

  • Hello - well done on your achievements. I'm on W6 but it's taken me much longer to get here than 6 weeks. Don't worry about repeating weeks, we all have our own journey to follow. Best of luck with this amazing program and with all the support from the forum you'll do 👍 xx

  • You can totally do this. Like you said, repeat days or weeks as much as you want. I started in mid-August and am now running 3x a week, including a “long run” of 4 miles. I never would have believed it possible, but it’s happening.

  • Go for it! I never in a million years though I would ever go outside and run. Well 'this girl can'! All the best.

  • Welcome - I'm 53 years old recently lost 4 stone and coping with COPD - not run since I was about 16 years old and I've just completed wk4 - so if I can do it you can - good luck x

  • I had to repeat W1R1 twice before I could move on, so you've already done better than I did! Just take each run gently, try not to compare yourself to others, and focus on just one run at a time. It's easier than you might think. Happy running! 😀

  • Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. I am totally over whelmed. Have a great week everyone 😊

  • Ive just started too (just into week 2, might have to go back to week 1 as ive been in Iceland for 8 days and only ran a short distance in that time). Keep at it and take your time. I find pushing yourself is countwr productive as it sets you back and means a longer rest.

  • Oh my goodness, well done on losing 5 stone, huge achievement! I too was VERY apprehensive about starting the C25K, will be 60 in December and a real couch potato! Am now on week 3 but did repeat a couple of week 1 runs, my very first run only did 45 secs instead of a minute! Never thought I would manage 3 mins of jogging for W3R1 but I did it, the programme really gets you going nice and gradually. Good luck to you, the people on here are lovely and supportive, go smash it!!!!

  • You can totally do this! I just did my first 30 min run and I feel amazing. It’s so worth it. Trust the programme it really works!

  • Welcome to the forum Rie1, I echo what everyone else has said.

    I started the programme 5 weeks ago and I’ve not looked back since, wish I’d started years ago.

    You’ll get all the support and inspiration you’ll need here. Take it slow and easy and you’ll be fine.

    Happy running and enjoy the programme 😊

  • Welcome and well done for starting the programme. My first "run" was with my dog but he was totally confused that I didn't stop to throw his ball. So I did the rest of the runs on my own but with all the supports on this forum. 👍

  • Welcome! People here are very friendly and helpful and theMentors well worth listening to for technical advice.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. That takes will power. It strikes me that this simple programme has the power to make a real difference to all our lives. Keep on going!

  • Your amazing well done U can do this

    Check out the site runsweet might be helpful it’s for people with type 1 who want to take part in sport ,eat well and avoid hypos

    Good luck

  • Thank you, I will check site out 😊

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