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Nervous nervous nervous


Massively over weight. Changing my lifestyle slowly and this is the next thing. Kinda jumped in feet first. Going running with ppl from the village that don't really know. Am quite a nervous person don't really know how to talk to ppl but here goes. Half 12 tomorrow w1r1. 🙈🙈🤮💪 I can do this!!! Nerves have kicked in already but am going to force myself to do it.

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W1R1 is the hardest run you’ll ever do. Because it’s the one that requires the most willpower... to get off the couch, get the trainers on, get outside and get started.

But absorb and appreciate the elation of completing it. Remember it. Then go out and do it again to achieve that same elation. Run after run, week after week.

You’ll surprise yourself with how quickly you progress and how quickly you change. Embrace it, go with it, stick with it. You won’t regret it!


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey



What they said.

Good decision to start changing things. With all of those changes you’ve used willpower, which is a great asset with this too. Stay nice and slow and you’ll be just fine, there’s no race to be won, it’s better to get through each run at whatever pace it takes. The programme will set you up for the next run every time. Some of the jumps look scary, but they’re not. You can do this, and you can complete your journey in all the aspects you’re changing.

Enjoy and good luck tomorrow.


Go for it. You can do it. Let us know how you get on. ✊

it was really good, calfs were burning like heck but I managed it and that was with pushing the pram round the field the first 3 times. Easier to chat than I thought it would be. And we sat and had a natter afterwards and just chilled. Am actually looking forward to it on Friday.

OutofpuffGraduate in reply to Engmum-scottkids

Fantastic. Well done. I’ve never been able to run and I’m now on B210k and you’ll hear loads of us on here saying , ‘if I can do it anyone can..’ We all have our ups and downs but stay positive, take it nice and easy and enjoy the journey - you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. Xx

Hello and welcome! Jumping in feet first is a fabulous thing to do - just take your time, listen to the app, keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t forget to breathe! You can do it!!! Hope it goes well.

You've got this! :-)


Welcome, fellow newbie ! Thinking of you today as you step boldly into a fitter future. Hope the run goes well. Don’t let anyone push you too hard at first; this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Have fun !

You will feel great when its a nice sunny day, especially now its cooling down. I'm off salmon fishing having done D3 - run1 yesterday. Tomorrow D3 - r2.

Good luck.


Good on you.

Assuming it is a 'running for beginners' group that you've joined, I reckon everyone will be feeling the same as you. "don't really know how to talk to ppl" I find that people are always interested in our hopes for the future, and aspirations. You sound like a focused kind of person changing my lifestyle and I'm sure that you are going to fit in well. This forum is evidence that runners are basically good, kind-hearted people.

You can do this..

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