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Pre first run! Very nervous


Pre first run.

I have a massive running phobia, never enjoyed running and it always hurts.

My goal is to lose at least 3 stone and start to love running!

Any others in my situation?

Moving to Bingley soon!

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I have nearly lost 3st and did my 2nd 5k tonight. I never enjoyed running and at the end of the programme I think I said I had started to "tolerate" it :) But a few weeks down the line and i'm starting to enjoy it.

I lost the weight by changing what I eat. I joined slimming world and loosely follow their diet which is simply more fruit and veg, healthy carbs, as much protein as you like and cutting down on the bad stuff so all common sense. You are unlikely to lose 3st through running alone but you might do... I run 3 times a week and do 90 mins in the gym 4 times a week.

Thanks for the reply, I have changed my diet drastically and also follow slimming world. I am also going to the gym x 2 or 3 a week. I’m not an excessive lover of exercise but I need to start it to loose the weight. Changed sugar for limited sweetener, no takeaways and more fruit and veg. Hopefully I will see results as I usually do no exercise!

That’s amazing well done!

Just completed my first walk/run!

pinkaardvarkGraduate in reply to Katielauren1996

It sounds like you are on the right track then :) Only thing I can add is that I lost most of the weight before I started running and hitting the gym. I have found as I upped the exercise my weight loss has plateaued but my measurements have reduced(round the tummy) so I'm putting it down to muscle gain, so don't get disheartened if thing don't always go in a linear direction.. you WILL be getting fitter and that's all that really counts. Oh and yeah running hurt a lot.. but it DOES get better as your body adjusts.

Yeah it hurt, my shins especially really felt like lots of pressure. I’ll keep going. I’ve got quite a lot of fat on me at the mo so I’m hoping that some of it comes off at least!

Thanks for the body measurement tip, I’ll do that tomorrow!


I was in the same mindset as you a few months ago Katie, hadn’t run since school, tried it a few years ago.. hated it and nearly killed me physically...

But after losing 3st during the year I wanted something to challenge me.. something to help with my fitness and weight loss and something out of my comfort like a masochist I decided to run!! If I could over come and complete the challenge of running my theory is it would be such a massive confidence boost and a huge win for me.

Researching how to run.. yes I googled that.. I came across the Couch to 5K.. downloaded the app threw on a pair of trainers and got out there...

I can honestly say that following the program and taking the advice of “take it slow” .. I loved running after the first week and was addicted to it very quickly.. even get stressed on my off days because I want to run but know I need time for my body to repair and rest.

Give the program all you have to give and it will repay you a thousand fold.

Keep us up to date with your progress and there are no silly questions so always post any you have.

Good luck and look forward to reading your updates

Thank you! Just completed the first one! Was hard but satisfying that I actually did it. I’m surprised I didn’t stop! Enjoyed it.

I’ll keep you up to date!

Thank you!


I’ve lost 3-1/2 stone on 4 month and maintained it for 2 month now

I took up running and changed my diet

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring you just need to re educate yourself in what to pick when hungry

Protein needs to be playing a massive part in your diet as it repairs and fuels your body

Good luck with the move to bingley it’s a nice place to run

Flat along the canal and lots and lots of hills to atack

When you think you have no more and need to stop it’s not your body or legs that’s giving up its your head

You will quickly learn how to carry on when you think you need to stop

But mainly this can be done and yes it hurts but the results you get make up for it

Build slowly but keep pushing

If you want weight loss as your drive then push and push and drink lots and lots of water


Going slow is the key. And sticking to those rest days. I never thought I’d enjoy running, but now I look forward to each one,

Well done on attacking a phobia head on! I was in your situation 2 years ago . One comment I have about exercise is that it not all about gym and running. Have some fun in classes and it’s social too. To balance out my running I do yoga and pilates they don’t burn calories but they’re strengthening my core and improving my balance. I go to Flamenco classes and Bollywood ( wonderful opportunity to dress up) I play badminton to keep the old hand eye coordination going. I do know finding time is hard but having fun getting fit is the best thing for me. I now look forward to my runs , it’s not long out of my day and gives me an injection of positivity.

I wish you well on your road towards you fitter and slimmer self , I’ll be following your progress with interest

Well done on starting C25K.

With regards shin pains I suffered horribly when i first did C25K and also had them when walking long distances. It never got better and I couldn't get out of week 1. At that time (2011) I was told I had high BP and Cholesterol so started using a margarine containing plant sterols to help with the high Cholesterol.

This year I quit the margarine as the reports on what it is made off how bad it is for you finally put me off. Suddenly on long walks I noticed my shins didn't hurt. In September We had a tub of marge in the fridge that I decided to use so it wasn't wasted and within a week my shins started hurting again on long walks. Stopped using the marge and pains gone. Coincidence? I don't think so. The proof will be when I start C25K again. This is proving to be the hard part as I am now heavier than in 2011 so am doing long walks to built up some stamina.


I was never a "runner" I have always considered myself an "athlete", or at least many years ago. I would stay in shape by playing basketball for 4-5 hours during the day. This past year at the age of 56, I needed to change and started the C25K program after doing some running on my own for a while. Started on week 3 and never thought I would make it but I did. Combined that with portion control of all meals, did not really limit what I was eating only how much. I would also get up and run in the morning before eating which put my body into a caloric deficit. Since my heaviest of about 226 lbs (16.1 st) I now maintain a weight of about 180-183 (13 st) .I can pretty much eat what I want I just keep an eye on how much and combine that with runs.

You are on the right track. I am now using the C25K Stepping stone program and find that it keeps me going. As Laura says in the program, "you will have some good runs and some bad runs, but any run is better than no run." Keep pushing on, the reward is worth it.

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