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Wk4R3 done!

Well, that's wk4 done and dusted. The autumn weather has been beautiful in Kent this week and I've loved running through crunchy leaves and soft, golden light. Up 'til now, I've been running in old yoga pants and t-shirt but, as a commitment to the programme, I've just treated myself and invested in new, winter running gear - long tights, long-sleeved and windproof tops, hat and gloves - all online bargains from the Karrimor website - as I'm sure the temperatures will soon take a tumble. (A few weeks ago I'd have laughed at the thought of eagerly anticipating the arrival of a parcel of lycra!) Wk5 next (although I'm trying not to think about r3 yet!)

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Hey half way through , good going , enjoy the runs in ur new gear x

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Thanks, Shelby. I guess things start to get serious in the second half of the programme! But I’m taking it one run at a time and actually looking forward to run days now. I see you’re very nearly there - wow! Good luck with wk9 and keep us posted

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Thank u x


Lovely! And yes, autumn running is beautiful. I enjoyed some amazing autumn mists/sunrises in late September.

Funnily enough, I ran for the first few weeks in yoga pants! They kept falling down! But, the minute I realised I was truly committed to this running lark I bought myself some lovely ASICS running tights and over time, have added to that a long sleeve top, socks, gloves, running belt...and today new running shoes. My boyfriend despairs. I spend every lunchbreak drooling over fancy running clothes online. Next purchase - a buff! Yes, me, buying a buff!

Well done on your run - wishing you lots more happy runs to come! This programme is magic.

Sadie-runs 😘


Thanks, Sadie. Haha, yoga pants aren’t exactly ideal, are they? I have to keep hitching mine up too. Ooh, new shoes - lovely - enjoy! I did buy proper running shoes early on (had my gait measured and everything). They’re bright pink and purple Sauconys and I love them! I know what you mean about drooling over new running gear; I think my husband is totally bemused by this new me 😉


There's a whole new wardrobe out there isn't there?

Well done on completing Wk4. You'll love next week - Wk5 R3 was a real highlight for me. There's been nothing quite like that feeling since - though hoping tomorrow's run (and graduation????) might top it!

Look forward to reading all about you Wk 5 journey.


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