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WEEK 4 Done - I'm buzzing. Week 5 advice please

I'm 49 years old, smoked for 35 years. I've given up cigarettes since January and have taken up running with this app and am having a great time. I've just completed Week 4 with no problems and am looking forward to Week 5. I've been looking at what it entails and there is a lot more running (obviously) so any advice would be great.

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Week 5 is all about learning to pace yourself: If you run too fast, you'll run out of steam. With that said, is is "just" about getting out there, running, enjoying yourself and getting healthier for it.

You're halfway now, and congratulations for that. You can do week 5 as well :)


I would do some other exercise to build yourself up. Running takes quite a toll on the ankles and knees, not to mention the hips and upper body. If you are fit all over then running is easier as you're not constantly out with injury. On your rest days between runs you could think about walking, cycling, swimming and doing some strength, abs and cardio. I do workouts at home with a fitness DVD. I do plenty of walking as well

I used to smoke like a chimney, and drank like a fish and was four stone overweight. I'm now a different person. It's amazing how we can transform ourselves. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner! Oh well, better late than never ey!

Good luck! Don't think too far ahead about the runs to come. Just focus on finishing the next one up!


I'd suggest just doing the programme.... whilst misswobble's suggestions here are good, there's no rush and no harm in just carrying on as you are doing and cementing this one good habit in your life, on which you can build later.


The main thing is to TRUST THE APP. Don't go mad, pace yourself, listen to the app & make the most of the walking inbetween. You've got this far - and this time next week you';ll look back on Week 5 with immense pride. And Week 6 will be the same, you'll be able to do it as you're now used to this gradually increasing level of exercise.

Good luck - not that you need it!


Don't look ahead ! Just take each run as it comes. It sounds as if you're doing really well so far so....more of the same. Good luck.


Try not to worry about what's coming up - concentrate on the run for the day... slow and steady will get you there... listen to Laura, take it slow and you'll get it done... we promise!

Also - massive well done on giving up the cigarettes and getting out running... I gave them up a while back and haven't looked back... :)


I just started week 5 too. I was finding the 5 minute runs a bit of a challenge and started to psych myself out of the 20 minute run on day 3. I pushed through to the 8 minutes and found it a lot easier than the 5 minute runs. You are stronger than you think you are it really is psychological. You will do great just keep the faith. If you are struggling I found extending my warm up walk helped a lot as it got my body more used to the movement and my breathing settled more before I started. I also slowed down a lot and concentrated on what my body was doing rather than the running or the world around me and it really helped. Everyone has different ways of coping I think the trick is just to find yours.

Good luck. After this week you'll know you can run 20 minutes and I can't wait to have that under my belt because then I'll be unstoppable!


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