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W6r3 done and timing question


A full 25 minutes, and it felt good. The last couple of runs have been a bit of a struggle, but this felt good again. Laura - you're amazing getting me here 😍

Just a question. Does everyone who uses a measuring/speed device include the warm up/cool down time, or just once you start running? I've been including it all, but now I'm running for longer, wonder if I should change?

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Fantastic run! I only measure the run not the warm up or cool down. That way I get a true record of how I am running.

Jiggity in reply to JoolieB1

Thanks joolie. I think I'm going to do that too


If you want to know how far and/or fast you are running then only time your running intervals.

Keep going, you are nearly on the home straight.

Thanks. It's such a good feeling to have got this far 😀


Hi jiggity :-) Well done on your run - I did the same one this morning - feels good doesn't it !!

Same as you, I've been including the warm up/down in my distance measurement (mainly because I record my total km walked/run in a week anyway) - but from this morning I started just measuring the run, as I will start to be interested in how close (or rather far away !) I am from the 5k mark as it gets closer to graduation (and I want to get a 5k route planned for myself anyway for the future).

Jiggity in reply to Hidden

Good idea about planning a route. I've been doing the same one along the canal, which is a lovely run, but it would be nice to plan a round route of 5k when I'm ready for it.

Well done getting to the end of W6 - that's all the interval runs behind you now!

What you measure is down to what you are interested in.

If you want to know how far you have run, then you could measure just the running part. If you want to know your total distance (e.g. to see if you are ready to walk/run a parkrun) then you can measure the whole thing. Similarly, if you are interested in calories burned and that is measured by your app/watch/personal satellite then you might like to know the total over the whole outing. It just depends on your goals and motivation.

Great running - and good luck with W7!


Jiggity in reply to Ugifer

Thanks ugi. I think that's it, I have been interested in how far I was going in total as I did very little (no) exercise before. I wear a step counter and because I have a desk based job, I was lucky to do 5000 steps a day. But now I am interested in how far I am running in time, not just how far I've gone in total.

Right, mind made up, just switch it on for running 😀.

Thanks all

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