W5R3 done! There's hope for everyone!

I just completed W5R3! I'm so happy :)

According to Google Maps, I ran two miles (3.2K), which by my calculation means that if I can keep up the same pace for 30 minutes I'll be able to run 4.8K, which I'll be totally happy with.

At around the 10-minute mark, my ankles did start to hurt a bit (I don't think I'm the most feather-footed of runners), but that passed after not too long. If anyone's got any tips for this, I'd really appreciate them. I've read conflicting advice about what part of the foot to land on.

I was a bit worried about today, but actually I felt like I could possibly have run for another 10 minutes, which is incredible given that I struggled with W1R1! I actually sped up for the final two minutes today, to a speed significantly faster than I've done on any of my previous runs!

As the weeks have gone on, I've been amazed to find that my breath is not the problem (I'm a slightly overweight - until quite recently very overweight - smoker who before C25K hadn't done any real exercise beyond long walks for a long time.)

Anyway, sorry to ramble! I'm just excited. Thanks to everyone on this forum. I haven't contributed much, but I linger in the background reading others' posts, and they've been really helpful. I'll try to contribute more in the future.

For now, happy running, everyone!


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6 Replies

  • Congratulations. Your hard work is paying off. Look forward to getting to that point myself. Happy running 😀

  • Thanks RunningGeek :) Just stick to the programme and I have no doubt you'll get there too!

  • well done on completing week 5 and the new fitter lighter you!

    I've read a lot about where to land and it appears that the latest thoughts are to land with the full foot. It's probably quite logical particularly for those of us who don't have fairy twinkle toe style !

  • Thanks Biscuit. Problem is, I think I do naturally land with the full foot already, so I'm not sure what I can do to lower the impact :S Oh well. Like I said, the pain did pass. Hopefully my ankles will just get stronger over time.

  • The best way to run is what comes naturally.

    It may be worth doing ankle raises. stand with the ball of your foot on a step and drop as far as possible then up as far as possible. and repeat. Best check on the net though for proper form etc. I do them at odd times in the day when noones looking.

  • Well done - that run is a real milestone!

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